Cubase 6.5 and Halion One

when I open a previous project in CB 6.5 any track that used a Halion One sound plays normally with the expected sound. However, when I open the VST instrument window and try to select Halion One, the familiar window opens, but there are not sample available.
(I’m aware that Halion One was not part of the CB6 plan. Because I’ll need a lot of possible selection on an upcoming project, I’ve ordered the full version of Halion Sonic even though I was pretty dissappointed and underwhelmed by the quality and selection of sounds provided by the trial version)
Is there a way to get used out of Halion One In CB 6 or is that really a dead issue?

Thanks in advance for any advise.

Have you tried this?

PS. Steinberg would be nice if these were on donwloadable from somewhere? :wink:

I have been working with support on this issue for several weeks. I have tried everything to get the issue resolved with no luck. Same problem the songs done before with Halionone play but no presets available when I insert a new Halionone in a project. From what I see so far Halion Sonic SE has all the sounds from Halionone and then some. So, at this point I am using Sonic SE for any new projects. According to tech support Halionone has been phased out and replaced by Halion Sonic SE.For me at this point I am using Halion Sonic SE for current and future projects and have removed Halionone since it appears to be obsolete.