Cubase 6.5 and most recent OSX compatibility.

Hi - Would anyone be kind enough to let me know which is the highest version of OSX that can be used with 6.5.

Currently running 6.5 on late 2008 dual quad Mac Pro with Snow Leopard, and of course have been without any issues since then, so yes, I’m well aware that I’m way behind the times!

The reason for asking, is that so many 3rd party apps now require 10.8 OR newer! I’ve already read the gatekeeper article up here, but any experienced advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, kind regards,


I’ve got it working on Yosemite 10.10.5, along with SX4.

Inside Yosemite, I’ve installed Parallels and Snow Leopard Server, and I’ve got SX3 working inside that (SX3 needs Rosetta).

The Migration assistant didn’t work, and I had to migrate my new mac from a Time Machine back up of my old Snow Leopard machine. But it all went well, and I’m running the copied version, not a re-install…

No Gatekeeper needed…

I upgraded from 10.6.8 to 10.8.5 about a year ago, no hassle.

I wonder if I’m safe to upgrade to 10.9.5 now?

Still on 6.5.5 here, and not keen to fork out yet another $200 for yet another upgrade. I could use that money to get Logic with Alchemy.

So I took a leap of faith and updated to OSX 10.9.5 and there is a Syncrosoft error. It says dongles are not affected, but licenses on the hard drive should be.

All my Steinberg stuff is on the USB key, so I figured no problem. Cubase works normally, but legacy HalionOne instances do not work anymore. Not a problem for newer projects, but ocassionally I need to pull up something from way back and that has now been compromised. :cry:

For everyone’s information (and sanity), I was recently able to get a copy of Cubase 6 (educational, although it’s the same as normal) installed and working on a fairly new Mac Pro (small trash-can style) with Yosemite 10.10.2. It was a supreme, pain in the ass, but thought I would share how I finally got it, in case some of you are struggling with the same issue.

So here goes my 2 hours of banging head on desk, condensed into a short list…

  1. No optical drive, so turned Cubase install DVD into an .iso file, copied to Mac

  2. Double-clicked .iso on Mac to open install folder - DON’T proceed yet…

  3. Downloaded Steinberg Yosemite compatibility program, installed and opened that program

  4. It automatically asked if I wanted to install the Cubase 6 .iso that was open and waiting

  5. Proceed with ‘CUSTOM INSTALLATION’, and installed to Mac system HD, uncheck everything except the eLicenser app, install this by itself first (with USB dongle key plugged in).

*At this point I had varying success on installations, sometimes it would work and get through some of the content installs, etc. Sometimes not, but it wouldn’t install Cubase, it kept coming up with errors and such telling me I failed at life. I was about to give up after a couple of hours of sitting in this studio and looking like an idiot to the boss-man. Then finally tried something that shouldn’t really make a difference…

  1. Turn on power to the UAD Apollo 16 that is hooked up to the Mac by Thunderbolt

  2. Restart install as above, Cubase and everything else installed just fine

  • It seems stupid that this would work, it doesn’t seem like that should matter. Maybe it’s different with other systems or interfaces, who knows what kind of voodoo you have to do. But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Hopefully it helps some of you so you don’t struggle as I did!!!

Good Luck :slight_smile: