Cubase 6.5 and Motif XS-Rack

My upgraded DAW is on its way back to me with WIN 7 Home 64-bit and Cubase 6.5 installed on it.

I was looking at the Cubase 6 Feature Comparison page
and noticed a line item under Advanced Integration features:
Plug-in integration of MOTIF XS series voice editor (MOTIF XS)

Does anyone know if this means that the XS-Rack software that I had to install on my old Cubase 5 WIN 32-bit setup when i first got my XS-Rack is already included in Cubase 6.5?

Is the only thing i have to do now with my new setup is to install the 64-bit XS-Rack USB drivers?

ciao, Dan

From what it sounds like:

You can add the MOTIF XS as an instrument track and edit the voices from within Cubase.

(Basing this upon the concept of “MIDI devices” and “external instruments” in Cubase)

(Also basing from this: “External VST3 support – MIDI+audio (MOTIF XS)”)