cubase 6.5 and predator, albino et al.

I downloaded 6.5 and so far everything seems to be working except I am having trouble with vsts. If I try to load Predator the whole thing crashes. Albino now asks for my serial number. Others are loading very slowly.
What gives? Any ideas?

Are those plug-ins bridged? (32 bit plug-ins running in 64 bit Cubase)

What happens when you give Albino the serial number?

After giving Albino the serial number it is working fine.
Predator, on the other hand, is not. If I open it from “right click - add instrument” it works fine. If I go to devices - vst instruments and load it that way. The whole thing crashes. Some others like Kontakt and Synthmaster (latest versions) load very slowly.

Are these bridged plug-ins that are causing the problem? By that I mean for instance a 32 bit Predator running in 64 bit Cubase.

I am running Cubase 32 bit. So that’s not it.
Thank you.

fizbin, thanks so much for considering this question. I think I fixed it!
I went to devices - plug in information and just updated the plug in information. I dunno, but it worked.
Predator etc load just as they should.
Now, to work!