Cubase 6.5 and Preferences

Hey Guys,
I just installed the upgrade to 6.5 and all is well. It opens with all my prior VST Instruments and stuff, but not my prior Key Commands, and there were quite a few.
I copied my old Preferences folder before installing just in case, but not I’ve heard putting back the entire folder could be problematic, so would it be possible to just transfer the Key Commands ?
I find 1 page in the preferences folder with a heading of “Key Commands”, would that be all of it ?

Thanks for any feedback

You can trash or replace any individual components of the preferences…the keycommands.xml is probably what you need to copy from the backup.

I think if you save different key command presets these are stored in a separate xml.

In this page, you can find, where are all preferences files located.

Thanks Guys, I’m on it.