Cubase 6.5 and Windows 10


couple of questions.

Anyone experienced success running Cubase 6.5 or similar versions in Windows 10?

Windows 10 claimed the image file (Cubase 6.5) to be damaged. Virtual clone drive did opened it though but there’s a error early in the setup process (not reading a certain file). Will re-download the iso file again but if the problem remains what is suggested?

Thankful for feedback.

Fortunately all went smoothly for me doing an Online Update from Windows Pro. 7 to Windows 10 Pro (64Bit)

Now again running Cubase 6.5 on Win. 10 no problems! (Phew!)

Best advice I can give is to totally Uninstall Cubase 6.5 then either uninstall / perhaps try a repair of Win. 10

Then reinstall both!


Contact Steinberg directly!

Thanks for reply.

Everything went well. It was a fresh installed Win 10, no upgrade. Biggest problem was downloading the .iso file (Steinberg servers are slow?..).