Cubase 6.5 / Artist 6.5 / PadShop Installer solution

very sorry but i’m not agree. i’ m afraid you didn’t understand me!
NOW i have cubase 6 full . date of activation is 28 /1 /2012.
that activation was un update from artist to full. i’d payed for that.
now you are telling me that i’m not be able to obtain GP? why?

Francesco, frankvenice.

Cubase 6 (Full Version): €600
Cubase Artist 6: €300 +
Upgrade CA6 to C6: €250
Total: € 550

That’s why the Upgrade from CA6 to C6 isn’t entitled to a free C6.5 license.


I’m having this issue too.

I’ve updated e-Licenser, added my activation code and re-tried.
Got the same error.

I’ll wait for a solution!

…good news is I can run all the NEW synths on the old version of Cubase!

I am assuming there is still a problem with the Windows installer. I got the link from Asknet, but the download failed and now the link has disappeared from my account.

I got the link from Asknet, but the download failed and now the link has disappeared from my account.
same problem for me.

I am the same as the above two.
Bought the update, selected the PC download from the shop, it lost connection to the server, used my link from email to get back to the download page in the shop and now I am only being offered the Mac download. I got in contact with support who replied with the link in the shop should work (still only Mac offered) or try the ftp.
So tried the FTP, doesnt like the password on two browsers so had to log in annon, to find there is no download for cubase 6.5.

well, now i understand. business is business…
it’s better you write “grace period, if you had bought the full version, not the upgrade from artist or other, after 1/1/2012.”
i’m not sure it’s all right, but thanks a lot to reply me.

maybe it’s better to wait 6.0.6, i read in other post it is coming…

best regards, Francesco, Frankvenice

Hi, I just purchased a Cubase 6.0 from a vendor.
I checked the grace period validity and it led me to the Cubase 6.5 download page.
But when I clicked on the Cubase 6.5 pc link, it gave me a 404 error.

Is there another mirror where I can download Cubase 6.5? Thanks.

I have the same problem as the above 3 users. The download link supplied under my account is for a MAC Download and I need the Win7 download.

Has anyone reached a resolution to this problem? Irritating cause I intentionally waited almost a week to upgrade so that all the issues would be gone.

More than 24hrs since I paid for this and I still do not have the upgrade. No response from Asknet to emails. Absolutely shocking. I am in IT support and I would have been sacked by now if I had treated my customers like this.

I am with you mate.this customer service is joke.paid for my upgrade email sent to the support they doesnt give any response.I dont care how many mail they have.hire more workers and shows some respect to the peoples who belive in them.this is getting on my nerves now.
if they not respond tomorrow i ll refund and buy nothing from Steinberg in the future.
its ok.we can play like this.

Steinberg please help!
I am having the difficulty described by other users with installing Cubase 6.5 update from C6. I get the error message Fatal execution error 1603. I have downloaded the installer froom the Asknet page three times, most recent was yesterday, but still have the same problem. Should I be able to access a link to a good installer by now? :cry:
I am currently accessing the installer by following the link in my ‘Confirmation of your order’ email.

This is starting to become a little irritating so here’s hoping you can help.



the problem seems to be my download manager (igetter)
downloaded without it …all ok. :astonished:

Yep,exactly same story…

I purchased (or attempted to) CUbase 6.5 upgrade and received cubase artist 6.5 padshop. I didn’t know how I got this instead of needed upgrade and didn’t want to buy this. I don’t even use Artist I only bought artist a while back so I could system link. I no longer do system link because I use VSL Ensemble 5 for this purpose. I clicked on link that popped when I opened my steinberg and paid. Now I have a product that I can’t use. Helge can please you help me correct this?

Please check your PM, I solved the problem.

Hi all,
please be aware that the special ftp for the 6.5 Update is closed by now. If you experience a corrupt Installer, please redownload the Update from your Asknet account (which is fixed since last thursday, so I close this topic).

Best Regards,