Cubase 6.5 Artist and Midi control

I’ve been trying to control the attack and release in Philharmonik.

Here’s what I’ve been trying.
In Cubase 6 artist, I load in a midi channel and assign it to VST instrument Philharmonik.
I then add a midi controller insert.

Then I select the attack controller. However, nothing happens.

Another point of confusion for me is that (as an example) the strings (loaded into channel 1) have two attack parameters (envelope 1 and envelope 2). So how do I control both of these from 1 midi channel in cubase?

Any thoughts?

After a bit of homework and some dabbling with Cubase the answer was fairly easy.

The real pain is that Miro’s manual does not provide instructions on how to set parameters for each control in Phil. I simply stumbled upon it on accident. There is a CTRL button and when this is selected, you can right click on any control and set the midi control parameter. In Cubase, once can pull down the midi controller and start automating by adding key-points directly onto the linear line.

Great to know and hope this helps others in the future.