Cubase 6.5 Artist crashes with too many plugins loaded

My Cubase crashes very frequently when I use many VSTi/effects (> 50). Is there any known fix to this problem?

It seems to be a known problem:

I run Windows 7 64bit with 8GB RAM, 2500k Intel CPU and Cubase 6.5 Artist 32bit version (so many VSTi not working for the 64bit version).

Any fix?

That’s alot of VSTs. You are likely running up on a memory limit since the app can only see somewhere around 4Gb of RAM because it’s only 32bit.

If I understand you correctly I would need to upgrade Cubase from 32bit to 64bit?

If I upgraded to 16GB RAM, would that help even if I don’t have 64bit Cubase? So many of the VSTi I use doesn’t work with jBridge or Cubase 64bit.

Not really. More memory doesn’t do much good if the application can’t address it.