Cubase 6.5 Artist on El Capitan

A few weeks ago I upgraded my OS to El Capitan and turns out (for who I am to blame only :stuck_out_tongue:) that older versions such as Cubase 6.5 Artist arent entirely supported on El Capitan ! However upon installing El Capitan, Cubase Artist 6.5 is working but here are some of the bugs Im facing :

  1. Cubase Start up Dialogue Box does not show.
  2. Issues reading UAD plugins/hardware (Intermittent behaviour) - also the UAD plugin windows don’t shut and leave a black box (after a bit of reading turns out that the issue is caused due to Cubase runing in 32bit mode so untick the 32bit mode option in the “info” menu by right cliking on Cubase App Icon and run in 64bit mode for graphics issues).
    3.Over all Runs in 64bit mode only and as a result, no 32bit plugins will be detected !

(Note that the software wasn’t re-installed on El Cap, I upgraded the OS with the software being as is on Yosemite, I also tried using the Steinberg Application Installer tool to see if it reads and resintalls the Cubase 6.5 Artist setup for El Cap, but that didnt work either - despite 6.5 Artist being mentioned in the list of supported softwares !)

I also understand that Steinberg cannot possibly keep providing updates for all previous versions but I suppose for various reasons not every ones got the moolah to go and grab every latest version that Steinberg releases ! It would be nice to see an update for Cubase Artist 6.5 for El Cap or atleast a thorough work around.

All comments and suggestions are welcome !
The reason Ive posted this topic is because I havent found anything worth while on it !

Cubase 6.5 is almost 5 years old and 4 versions behind. DAW developers rarely update the previous version of a DAW after a new version comes out, let alone a version that’s this far behind.

If you’re not in a hurry and you’ve never received a “Grace Period” update before, you can upgrade to Cubase Artist 8.5 in November or the last week of October and you’ll get Cubase Artist 9 for free when it comes out.