cubase 6.5 - can only use one track of halion


I’ve had this problem ever since I purchased halion 3 years ago. I can only really use one halion vst instrument track, per project. whenever I set up two, three or more halion vst instrument tracks, it allows me to save and close Cubase, but then every time I try to re-open that project to keep working on it, Cubase just crashes with a generic application error.

I’m running a pretty minimal set up (that is, no other vst plugins apart from halion and all the standard Steinberg plugins that come with cubase), and have just completely rebuild my pc, and the error is still occurring. this is really limiting what I can do with halion, because I am having to create one halion track, then bounce it down to audio and delete the halion track before I can attempt to create a new halion track.

I have tried setting up new templates from scratch (in case templates were corrupt), and completely rebuilding my pc, with no luck. do you guys have any ideas?

thanks, gloom