Cubase 6.5 Control Room - PreSonus Studio 192 HELP


I’m currently running Cubase 6.5 & recently upgraded interface to the PreSonus Studio 192. Having done this to be able to send out various headphone mixes. Upon receiving the interface I can not work out how to get the Control Room to work. I can get different mixes coming through the control room, (tested by bringing down the level of each ‘monitor’) but they won’t go to different outputs, everything I select just comes through the main studio monitors and the headphones thus giving me the same mix through everything. I have tried a number of times selecting different outputs in VST Connections but still nothing is working.

Hopefully someone can help me!


I hope you get this straightened out. I have the new Studio 192 Mobile on preorder and am hoping for no issues. After you do get your big rig straightened out maybe you can reply with how your 192 is working with CB in general. Especially if you have tried recording at 192 kHz. Thanks :slight_smile:

Regards :sunglasses: