Cubase 6.5 Crashing and corrupting project file

Hey Guys,

I bought cubase 6.5 yesterday and have just experienced a big problem.

I was working on a track in Cubase 6 64bit for about an hour when it froze up. I close and reopened cuabse but then when I tried to open the project file it would not load. Cubase just hung and the task Manager showed cubased as not responding.
I restarted my computer and tried to re open the project file and the same thing occurred.

I now have an hours work sitting in a corrupted project file that I can not open.

This is a major concern for me as if this was to happen again on a large project I would loose all my work.

Is Cubase 6.5 unstable or is the 64bit version unstable or is there something else?
Is there anyway I can repair the corrupted project file?

I have no issues running Abelton Live 8 or any of my typical programs.

I am running windows 7 64 bit, Intel i5 2.67Ghz, 16GB RAM with 74.6GB space on c:.
My Audio Interface is Steinberg CI1.
My MIDI Input/interface is the Novation Impulse 61

Thanks Guys.


Try either disabling the plugins by renaming the plugin directories and or deleting the pref files.

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Thanks Split.

From what I have read over the forums looks like the best way to avoid this is to keep making new versions of the project file as I create new parts.

I dare say it’s as you suggested. Plugin incompatibility.

I am almost considering going back to 32 bit for now as a lot of my current plugins are 32 bit.


Every major change in the project you should save using Ctrl/Alt/S this automatically saves a new version with an incremental number to the CPR giving you a backup.

You should also use Jbridge for most of the 32bit plugins, it’s far more stable than the cubase bridge.