Cubase 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6.5: 6.5.4 Update available

I would suspect your system is the problem. I had a similar system running Cubase 5 with no problems. When I upgraded to 64 bit Windows and Cubase 6, it brought my system to a crawl. Luckily, for me, I needed a good reason to by an up-to-speed system.

My system is the same when i used Cubase 5 two weeks ago. There is no explanation the same file works perfectly in Cubase 5 with the same PC and does not work with Cubase 6.5. And i’m not the only one with this problem.

I would like to use cubase in 32bit mode under osx 10.8 Mountain Lion, pleaseeeeeee 6.5.1 was perfect why I can’t do that now???

On another note - I was having no problems at all with 6.5 under Windows 7-64 Bit (including the 6.5.3 update) until updated with 6.5.4. It seems to be functioning fine, until I shutdown Cubase. Everytime, I get a shutdown error and the option to close the program or send an automated message to Microsoft to troubleshoot. Anyone having the same problem? I’m happy I’m not having some of the operational problem that others are having, but it is perplexing why the shutdown error. I’ve tried it with my MR816 hooked up or not.

I cannot understand why there isn’t any auto-update function included in Cubase 6.5 :unamused:

Serious DAW workstations shouldn’t even have the ethernet connection enabled (except for when registering products), so an auto-update within the application is pointless and promotes bad practice IMO. Also, you should ask yourself why are you installing these hot fixes? Are you applying these patches because you are experiencing the problems they were intended to fix or are you just suffering from the “I gotta install the latest drivers” syndrome?

“If it’s not broke don’t fix it!”

After sone tests these are the results. Cubase 6.5.3. or 6.5.4 does not load VST 2 and VST 32bit plugins under OSX Moutain lion 10.8.2 when is in 32bit mode. When Cubase is on 64Bit mode load 32bit plugin but only with some kind of bridge software in the middle. All seems ok under OSX Lion 10.7.5 where Cubase 6.5.4. and 6.5.3 on 32bit mode can load 32bit plug and vst2 plugs without problems without Bridge in the middle.

Just to be very clear, I dont use Kracked software or Kraked plugs, only full original products.

Steinberg shoud write on the website “Cubase 6.5 does not load VST 2 plugs or VST 32bit plugs under OSX Mountain Lion, DO NOT UPDATE OSX SYSTEM”. And I will not lost my time for free helping Steinberg. If you need a real good beta tester call me.


Is the Cubase 5 you mentioned is in the same system as cubase 6.5? If not then what is the configuration of your system used for Cubase 5 where the video files worked?

Could be that your system don’t have QuickTime 7.7.1 or higher and/or some codecs.

By the way the mp4 is playing very smooth on my system but mpeg 2 alone is not playing smooth and very slow.

I am curious to know what constitutes a ‘serious DAW workstations’?
I make all my living from music production etc… and use both mac and pc, and they are always online and I have never had a problem with that way in over maybe 15 years or having them so…
sorry you are of course entitled to your view, but this what I consider antiquated way of thinking really makes my blood boil…

at the very least many serious DAW workstations are part of a network where they share files and data…many post facilities for instance are set up that way…

I too am hoping for an auto update in cubase… for those who don’t want to plug in to the Ethernet, then don’t.
For those of us who do, it is very welcomed.


Yes, the same system. And i uptaded the QuickTime and don’t works. I can’t work with .AVI =/

why I try to open this update, I get this
: no vaild license found. The program will quit now.

I can start the license activation but its asking for an activation code?

try updating the eLicenser application.

i redownloaded the e licence update. it recognizes the licenses but will still not open cubase after adding the update

i think it just hit me, I have to pay for this update?

if thats true… Ive had it with Cubase… pro tools here I come

I read this on Main forum “Steinberg is happy to announce that the majority of its range of music software and hardware is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).”

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Not in 32bit mode. Only 64bit mode with plugin bridge and a lot of RAM used. :imp:

Although you may have been in the business for 15 years, it doesn’t mean you are absolutely correct. It’s always been conventional wisdom to air gap your DAW workstation from the internet. Enabling the NIC does impact audio streams on lower processors. Not to mention reducing the risk of getting a viruses from browsers. Do a Google search. There several tools that test NIC cards and how they can affect track count on lower powered processors. Did you also notice that Steinberg and other manufactures provide procedures to upgrade and register their products OFFLINE (not connected to internet)…That’s because restricting audio workstations from internet access is still a common practice (or did you think they did this because some facilities don’t have internet service?). There are plenty of ways of exchanging files without having internet connectivity both on an air gapped LAN or through removable media.

In other words…operate your business, your bread and butter, connected to the internet at your own risk.

no, I am aware that some ppl insist on this antiquated method and hence they give choices.


Antiquated, no… cautious YES! It is still best practice!

Like it or not if you are Internet enabled, you are at risk for getting viruses/malware and depending on your workstation specs, impacting your workstation’s true performance potential.

Oh…and Anti virus software, which you SHOULD have if your workstation is connected to the internet 24x7, is another resource sucking application that can affect your workstation’s performance.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not worry about viruses and reserve all my CPU power to Cubase, not the Internet. I’d rather not worry about bloated antivirus software interfering with my music apps (I scan anything and everything on my laptop first if I need to exchange files) and NIC related requests.

I think what you are describing is way more pertinent to cpu’s circa 2006 and before…

we will agree to disagree, but the whole industry is moving towards software updates, copy protection etc with an online DAW…

my point is always, choices…


Yes you have a choice to accept risk if you find that acceptable. What you can not deny is there is risk associated with workstations being connected to the internet… regardless of what the industry is moving to. There is no reason why you can’t disable your NIC card when not using the internet or file sharing across your LAN. It is STILL BEST PRACTICE. If you have an IT person they can offer safe alternatives that allow both worlds… but I doubt you own that kind of facility where you have an IT department.