Cubase 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6.5 update available

Steinberg should throw in the Neve Plugins with this update. :mrgreen:

You don’t have to pay. Wait a week and get the 6.06 update for free!

I love the new features in new Cubase 6.5 however I am disappointed that Steinberg did not include support for ARA; the Celemony Melodyne integration. Yes, VariAudio is great, however having Melodyne available as an editor in Cubase would be better.
I hope that that update is coming soon. Is it?

Nice. But your handling of european VAT seems to me violating the internal market regulation, witch constitute that the seller must take the VAT from the buyers country if selling is more that 100’ EURO/year.

Nothing in this update to interest me. Why oh why do we need more synths/fx? Really.

My guess? To compete with Logic’s package and move more along the lines of being the all in one “dance music” solution.

Ok I updated my license and it updated to 6.5… When I go to the grace period web site and enter my license number it does not direct me to the free download page. I activated my license after 1-1-2012. My elicenser shows the 6.5 full license.

Solved: Downloaded from ftp site…

Everything working great !

VAT is totally correct here. Steinberg probably calculates it backward, depending on buyer’s country, so everyone pays the same inclusive amount. For me (19% VAT): € 42,01 + € 7,98 = € 49,99

O.K. thanks for the answer.

Because in all honesty they are rather good and a nice addition to my library. I’ll be using them.

Good evening, sorry for the update, but you pay? If so is a real crap! I regret having bought a product steinberg … I can understand AN UPGRADE BUT an UPDATE is from miserable lice …

If you update from 5 to 6, that’s also an update. Upgrade would be from Artist 6 to Cubase 6, you understand the difference?
And of course you don’t have to pay for an feature-update you don’t want. No one is forcing you to buy it.

I don’t know if anyone has asked this but does the 6.5 update work with the Cubase trial?

Sorry dude, I agree with hkh. Though my profile doesn’t communicate this, I’ve been using Cubase since since VST24 and have to say that I have really grown weary of this same 'ole game. You pay for an upgrade to get a fix/resolution to some portion of the program not working as billed and they bring out another PAID “upgrade” that supposedly fixes your new issue BUT you have to pay for it AGAIN…WHEN YOU NEVER GOT THE ORIGINAL FIX FOR FREE THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN A PREVIOUS UPDATE. :astonished: :open_mouth: :angry:

I think that it’s time for me to finally get off of this bandwagon and stop being nickel-and-dimed for what should have been included in the original price of admission. Paying again for the already paid for and promised 64-bit rewire support is the last straw.

And paying for ANOTHER update, in the long history of paying for just another update, and getting less than six months of support for the last update that you paid for is just plain wrong.

Does this address 64-bit rewire and lanes issues?

I didn’t think so. It’s extortion.

64-bit rewire: yes
lanes issues: I don’t know

I agree, the fact is that they are not 20-30-40 or 50 € the fact is that not finding the right that for 2 synths and two changes (that ultimately did not work miracles) still needs to pay for those who bought a version 6.0. Now they charge, then to version 7.0 of course they still have to pay € 50 + 50 = 100. Almost two update, here it is as if you could sell a new sequencer … regardless of who buys the sequencer, starting from 0 … More than 500 € all over … It 's true, no one agrees to buy a music sequencer, but then we must not come and complain if people prefer to use and using cracked versions … greetings

What an “interesting” conclusion…

Who would use such rubbish?

I installed Cubase Studio 5 on Vista, which is supposedly fully supported and yet it runs in compatibility mode. :cry:

With Cubase Elements 6 I am having zero issues so I can only imagine 6.06 would work a treat.

Exactly my point.

Steinberg: “hey, we’re gonna give you this great new feature with lanes for the low low price of…!”

Lemmings: “Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Here’s the bread but can you also address such-and-such previous issue?”

Steinberg: “Oh sureeeeeee. Just drop the cash here and we’ll get right on that.”

Lemmings: “Okay!”

Lemmings: “Hey, you know that shiney new feature you sold me? Well, it doesn’t work. Can you fix it?”

Steinberg: “Hey you know that feature you wanted fixed? Well hey, we (mostly) fixed it…but we threw it in with a really MAJOR update so now we need you to drop a little more bread for it.” (nodding head)

Lemmings: “What?”

Steinberg: “Yeah, we rolled it up with some other bull$#!+ that you had no idea you would want and…”

Lemming: “…but I don’t want it, I just want that first thing we agreed…”

Steinberg: “…I know, I know. This one is really worth the cost. I know it’s only been not quite 6 months since you bought that last upgrade and you bought it because we were fixing some other stuff from the last upgrade and selling you some new stuff that we still haven’t actually provided BUT I promise it will be in this next PAID upgrade.” (nodding head again with a grin)

Lemmings: “Huh?”

Steinberg: “You want it or not?”

Lemmings: “But, but…”

Steinberg: “Well?”

Lemmings: “But I just…”

Steinberg: “WELL?! Just WHAT? You want it or don’t you?”

Lemmings: :confused: :cry: :frowning: :unamused: :open_mouth: :astonished: :blush: :question: :confused: :neutral_face: “Can I just get that thing that we originally talked about and we can call it square?”

Steinberg: “What? What thing? The SX thing or the 3, 4 or 5 thing?”

Lemming: “Yes.” :blush: