Cubase 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6.5 update available

I believe that to be the case.

Can’t confirm I’m afraid, this doesn’t happen here. I suggest you try trashing your preferences. The update screwed mine over as well, getting all kinds of silly behaviour and crashes. Runs like a charm now.

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Oh, ok, gotcha.


iam wondering too about this update. Soundcloud feature is a goodie, nothing special because how Presonus implemented this feature does make much more sense than just a “upload function” to a third party webspace company. For me its just jumping on a train.

With the latest OSX Lion - Monologue is dead - aim wondering if Retrologue is just the old Monologue with a new GUI that we requested since ages - transported to be Lion compatible ?

Padshop - nice but what we need is sample import drag & drop …

I don’t know, never complained about anything in terms of Steinberg / Cubase … but 2012 - time has changed. Competitors do have fresh ideas …

Things would be so simple for Steinberg - just listen to that what you find in your own user forum.

Its as simple as buying a present for a friend - if you don’t know - its better to ask - instead of buying something that he won’t like …

Steinberg does have a creative team but i don’t know, i think something is wrong - after using it for more than 15+ years now. Something is wrong …

Has anyone tried the demo project “Teleporter” to the 6.5to load? After loading it an error message appears “Microsoft C++ Runtime Library - Runtime Error -…/Cubase6.exe”
After it I tried to close the Window with the Task Manager, but it close the window very slowly.
I repeated the download, unzipped again, tried to load it, and got this error again.

I got Asus P7P55D LE, Intel i5 (760), 2X2 G RAM, W7 Home 32 bit, Emu 1212m PCIe, and never encountered problems with Cubase before.


Oh I didn’t know there was a new demo project!
I’ll check it out and see if it works for me.

That’s it! I’m a engineer/producer, long time Cubase user (more than 12 years) and bought Cubase 6 some time ago.
I thought the new feature looked promising.

However there was no indication that Steinberg had done massive changes to the behaviour of certian elements. Like how you work with the lanes. Which messed up my workflow badly. So badly I had to go back to Cubase 4 again. The old workflow was simply so intuive to me I couldn’t work with Cubase 6.

I wrote several mails to the support, asking if there was something to do? And after the 5 attempt without any replies, I wrote to the support asking “At least please tell me, are you even considering a chang in the way Cubase 6 behaves with lanes/comping?” Again, I got no reply.

So last week I had it, (after all I couldn’t use Cubase 6, the lane behaviour was so “opposite” the way it used to be, I couldn’t get used to it after weeks of re-trying) and started looking for an alternativ DAW. Working with Cubase 4 isn’t what I’m looking for 2012, when it comes to features.

And I found Reaper, and after a 4-5 days working with it I’m happy to be out of Cubase world forever. Reaper is super user-friendly and behaves the way YOU want. And the developers/support are actually replying to your

Ironic, that just a 6.5 update (with updated lane/comp behaviour!) was announced today.

Well, the way Steinberg treats their customers. One little reply saying “we are working a update!”, or anything would have made the difference. And they’re charging for a .5 update?

Auf Wiedersen Steinberg, I’m moving on.

You register yourself to this forum just to say goodbye? Wow…

Sure. If you’ve been with a DAW for 12 years. It’s not unusual to say Goodbye. :slight_smile: Is it?

Btw, did you read what I wrote, cause if that’s your reply. I don’t know…

I’ll try the demo project later.

Had a quick play before work, since I wanted to play with the new synths. Added one to an existing project, played something. Saved the file, it crashed.

Not a good start by any means.

I can totally understand how his frustration with Steinberg’s support (or I should actually say the lack thereof) would lead him to register just to utter his frustration.

I gotta say I do love Cubase, but Steinberg’s support has left me disappointed as well, and funny he mentioned Reaper, since I myself am considering switching to Reaper, too.

Totally agree with this.

Not expecting immediate bug-fixes, but just a quick sign showing that a bug/problem/issue is acknowledged and that Steinberg is working on a solution would be all that is needed.

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes, at first i thought it would be a pain to re-learn a new DAW but I don’t regret spending a couple of days with it (together with a good video tutorial). Basically it does what Cuabse does, but it’s customizable to your own needs. Tip of the day.

Cubase 6.5 works just fine here - BIG thank you Steinberg :slight_smile:

Ugh no moveable frozen parts or batch export enhancements, two things I’ve been waiting for for 5 years. I have enough synths. And I have to pay on top of it. Um…this will be the first upgrade EVER that I will not do. Thanks again for not listening Steinberg.

Hey Lars,

i have the same behaviour at the moment. I can remember that i’ve had the same problem after one of the 6.0.x updates. Then I deleted the XML-files from the cubase6 appdata folder that contain the vstplugin-information and reinitialized all my plugins again. After that the problem was solved. I’ll give it a try with cubase 6.5 when I’m @ home again. Perhaps it solves the problem with 6.5, too :slight_smile:


When I read your post than it looks like that you already have made your decision to move to a different DAW which is fine. If you find your luck with Reaper, what kind of sense would it make to comment on your posting?

Thanks a lot Mike!

I will try what you suggested and report back!


I think his posting and comments make a lot of sense since they are useful for others (like myself), and also for Steinberg (provided they care at all).