Cubase 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6.5 update available

Cubase 6.5 works just fine here - BIG thank you Steinberg :slight_smile:

Ugh no moveable frozen parts or batch export enhancements, two things I’ve been waiting for for 5 years. I have enough synths. And I have to pay on top of it. Um…this will be the first upgrade EVER that I will not do. Thanks again for not listening Steinberg.

Hey Lars,

i have the same behaviour at the moment. I can remember that i’ve had the same problem after one of the 6.0.x updates. Then I deleted the XML-files from the cubase6 appdata folder that contain the vstplugin-information and reinitialized all my plugins again. After that the problem was solved. I’ll give it a try with cubase 6.5 when I’m @ home again. Perhaps it solves the problem with 6.5, too :slight_smile:


When I read your post than it looks like that you already have made your decision to move to a different DAW which is fine. If you find your luck with Reaper, what kind of sense would it make to comment on your posting?

Thanks a lot Mike!

I will try what you suggested and report back!


I think his posting and comments make a lot of sense since they are useful for others (like myself), and also for Steinberg (provided they care at all).

Is this too difficult for a mod to answer?

They already stated on a post that it will not be included in the 6.06 update

I’ve just updated a few hours ago and can’t drag myself away from “Retrologue”. Amazing synth. well done guys. Only one thing i think its missing is an arpegiator with some intersting settings to spice it up a bit.

I find that it’s a total disgrace that you are now charging for updates. I only got C6 in October last year. This is one of the reasons I will be moving to logic.

I was quite shocked at no arp found in Retrologue as well. This is suppose to be an oldskool synth and oldskool synths surely had arps!

I have to say I find very amusing that people are all bent out of shape about a $50 upgrade. I need the new comping and so far it’s bloody brilliant, I need to get work done and prefer to use V6 over V5, I spent the $50 and moved on. I’ll even go as far to say that if Steinberg felt they needed to do this to boost their inner economy with 6.5 I’m glad we could help each other out, I couldn’t have said that about the old Steinberg.

It’s $50 if you don’t want it don’t buy it. How much money did some of us spend on recorders, mixers, outboard etc through the years? and for some people a DAW and a computer replaces most of it. …$50 is a walk in the park. Holy crap I wish I could have part of what I spent through the years on future boat anchors back in my pocket.

It’s all perspective :wink:

One day i must count all the money i’ve given from 1990 to Steinberg.
Totally worth it but not little.Surely not a walk in the park,more like a long journey to wisdom

I see the usual wingefest is well underway, good to know nothing changes on here.

I think this is a great update at a sensible price thank you Steinerg

Ha, good point. I indeed remember the days when I had to pay 7000,- Euro for my Roland Sampler. Two of the reasons why it was so expensive was the included 40 MB hard drive and the 12 MB RAM :laughing:

I gotta say I do love Cubase, but Steinberg’s support has left me disappointed as well, and funny he mentioned Reaper, since I myself am considering switching to Reaper, too.[/quote]

The same thing here, I’m a bit scared that I won’t even have a choice if this update-stuff will go on like this.

Do not reside in this here dangerous place.
There are men armed to the teeth with upgrades waiting for you to empty your wallet at their bidding.
They will FORCE you to upgrade and then complain to their chortling filthy-rich cohorts called “the mods”. :mrgreen:

And a peculiar one: on the one hand are users who always claim to have “clients” and earn money at this game.
On the other users who seem to not be able to afford the upgrade.
Racing cars and software have running costs. This particular cycle is well worth it lads.
But do have a good luck at the release notes first.


If I now upgrade my cubase artist to cubase 6, does it get the 6.5 update or do I have to pay that 50 € too?