Cubase 6.5 / Cubase Artist 6.5 update available

How do I install the new 6.5 gives me an error "Error in cubase 64bit . Unrecoverable error during installation. Error code 1603. And not updated.

Any solution?

I haven’t tried C6.5 yet, but have been closely following it’s release.

Regarding comping in C6.5, it appears the established pre-C6.0 comping method - which only recently went away with C6 - has returned and is the default method again. Meanwhile, the different comping workflow introduced with C6.0.0 has been moved to a “comp” tool on the toolbar - and is now optional.

So essentially, 6.5 lets users use either method - with the pre-C6 method default and the 6.0.0 technique now optional.

Again, I haven’t tried it yet. But that’s what early adopters are reporting.

And yes, from a user standpoint, I too feel this change should be part of the upcoming 6.0.6 free-to-existing-users update. I kind of expect it will be. Otherwise this may become a bit of a customer service faux pas for Steinberg, as some will feel that resurrecting the previously removed comping work flow in 6.5 - and even making it the default - is as close to a mea culpa as we get in the software biz.


that’s encouraging.

Looks like the ‘new’ comping won’t be in 6.06:

  1. It’s not mentioned in the pre-release announcement of 6.06.
  2. It’s prominently part of the ‘6.5 New Features’ document.
    And from Steinberg’s standpoint, the comping wasn’t broken in 6.0x; it just worked quite differently (and in a new fashion) from what users had gotten used to in previous versions.

I’m in 2 minds with this update.

I don’t mind paying from say 6 to 7. but think intermdediate verions should be free.

Saying that I was expecting Padshop to be a separate product (from the little I’d heard about it), so was thinking of getting it once it was released. So £40 isn’t too much, for something I will probably use quite a lot.

So I bought a synth, got another free plus some updates to Cubase, I’m surprisingly happy!!!

I am also happy with this update. 2 VSTi and some FX and other things for only € 50. That’s a fair deal.
So I got it right away and buying, downloading and installing worked as a charm right away for both the 32-bit as well as the 64-bit versions.

Congrats to Steinberg for this nice update!

It’s only a pre-announcement.

Steinberg would likely have to pay royalties for including FLAC support, and possibly even Rewire 64 bits as well.


I fear, we’ll have to pay the usual 199,- for the 6.5 to 7 update.
( Seems they found a way to recoup the money, they lost when Apple forced them,
to lower the initial Cubase price. )

Steinberg :
How much will I have to pay for the 6.0 to 7.0 update ??
How much will I have to pay for the 6.5 to 7.0 update ??

For me there are only two ( more or less ) important improvements in 6.5.
I can’t make a decision about paying for 6.5, without knowing the above …



I really wish a mod would clear up the lanes issue, whether the comping feature will be included in 6.06 or only in 6.5. It’s on a lot of peoples’ minds, and it would clarify things greatly.

“OMF Import and Export: Start Cubase in 32-bit mode if you need to import/export OMF files.
Print functions: Use the “Export Scores” function from the menu >File >Export instead and then print the output file with e.g. Preview included in Mac OS X or start Cubase in 32-bit mode if you need to print scores.
MP3 Import and Export: Start Cubase in 32-bit mode if you need to import/export MP3 files.”

Have these issues on the Mac been fixed in 6.5?

I couldn’t see it anywhere on the site


If I know anything about Steinberg MO, judging by the 5.53 situation, this may well be the last update ie 6.5.

Strange New Behavior !

When re-calling (sending the playback cursor) to a marker, using a shortcut or other method … it for some reason moves the loop? Both the left and right cycle end points locate to the marker point, too (thus, collapsing the loop…? ) SO, in essence, the loop that was previously set goes away completely… anytime a user is recalling a playback position using markers.

I don’t ever remember this being the case before? Please change it back!!!

If I wanted to change the cycle end points, I have “cycle markers” for that! Is this something I accidentally bumped on in my preferences somehow??

I need this fixed, it is destroying my workflow. Thanks!


FLAC is open source. Free, and no royalties.

Does Cubase 6.5 contain up-coming 6.0.6 updates?
I mean if I install 6.5, will I not need to install 6.0.6 update?


First of all, thanks for the upgrade, I just purchased and successfully installed it. Haven’t treid all of the new features yet, but so far I can say I love the new Padshop!

Now my problem: I am still getting a ‘freeze’ on exit and I have to force-shutdown Cubase when closing it.
Anybody else still having this issue? Any ideas on how to solve this?


I believe that to be the case.

Can’t confirm I’m afraid, this doesn’t happen here. I suggest you try trashing your preferences. The update screwed mine over as well, getting all kinds of silly behaviour and crashes. Runs like a charm now.

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Oh, ok, gotcha.