Cubase 6.5/Cubase11 - How to reproduce what's shown on this video?

Hello guys,
I’m currently using Cubase 6.5 and have just seen this video:

(Regardless to Cubase version assuming the technique will be the same)

Is there anyone who might know how would I be able to reproduce the same situation on Cubase?

Between minutes 1:40 and 2:09 the guy is showing how to start things up, which is however on Ableton. I am wondering how to do exactly the same on Cubase, as I found bit confusing the midi channel–>audio track–>routing instructions given.

Anyone who might have an idea… like step by step? Thank you anyone who might help!


To divide the signal path to 2 different, channels, use Sends, please.

Side-chain is also implemented directly in Cubase. Please read more here.

Thank you so much Martin, while I was waiting for a reply I did myself some additional tests and indeed…I realised using the SEND is the actual solution. Opening one audio track for the kick, then opening a second track (or group track), select that second track on the SEND 1 of track 1, adjust the volume and then start adding FXs on the second track Inserts chain. Thank you very much indeed!