Cubase 6.5 exe will not run

I bought and downloaded the update to 6.5 today. I then read that the first installer was corrupt. Therefore, I downloaded the second installer from the FTP site.

However, the resulting exe file will not start. I double click it to run it but nothing happens! I’ve tried a reboot too but still nothing happens.

The size of the file is 758,243.

Is this correct? Wha is causing the installer to fail?

Forgot to mention I’m on Windows 7 64 bit.

I have same machine and os and had no problem (after I got the new download). Someone said make sure you un it as administrator, perhaps that might work

Hi Folks,

Problem solved. When I tried to run the exe installer, I had my dongle plugged in. I assumed it would require it.

However, with it disconnected, the exe installer ran perfectly and later asked for the dongle to be plugged in.

so - the solution is: don’t plug the dongle in initially.