Cubase 6.5 export MIDI gives empty file almost fixed

Cubase 6.5 was producing MIDI files with no data.

It seems to have something to do with Automation, Inserts and Sends in the MIDI export window.

When all 3 are unticked and Export Inspector Patch and Export Inspector Volume/Pan are ticked the output MIDI file appears correct.

The reply below refers to my initial suggestion of going back to 6.0 .

Trevor B

I don’t know about the MIDI export thing, but 6.5 being on your e-Licenser gives you a license to use all previous versions. So nothing will change there, the license remains for 6.5 and nothing gets messed up.

Thanks Arjan.

I could go back to 6.0 or even Studio 4 then. It’s worth a try.
However if anyone has an idea about the specific problem, that would be good too.

P.S. it worked. Rather than overwrite 6 I installed Studio 4, where the projects had originally been created, and exported from there.

I should have an User Aphorism. I think it should be Samuel Beckett’s
“Fail. Try again. Fail better”.