Cubase 6.5 freezes on saving during playback with NI FM8

Hi folks!

I discovered an annoying issue with Cubase 6.5 x64 and it took me quite some time to track down the root of the problem: Native Instruments FM8 (1.2.0 x64). I tweak parameters (VST or Cubase ones) a lot and I also love to save my projects frequently during playback. In my recent project Cubase constantly freezes when I try to save the project during playback with Write Enable on the FM8 track.

Here is how I reproduced the error:

  1. Create a new empty project
  2. Add an instrument track for FM8
  3. Save the project for the first time
  4. Click on Write Enable for this track
  5. Click on Edit instrument for this track to confirm that Write automation is enabled (red W icon)
  6. Start playback
  7. Press CTRL+S to quickly save the project

The result is:

  • Cubase freezes (not completely)
  • The wait cursor appears
  • Playback is still going on
  • Playback marker is still updated
  • UI doesn’t react on user inputs anymore (Cubase window itself and the Cubase symbol in the taskbar)
  • Cubase doesn’t try to save to the project file but creates a new empty project file named {Project name}-01.cpr
  • If an ASIO driver is active this freeze makes it impossible to kill the Cubase6.exe process and often a Blue Screen caused by the audio driver follows (An attempt to release a mutant object was made by a thread that was not the owner of the mutant object)

After reading this you may think: “OK, your ASIO driver is crap.”. Maybe, but Cubase shows the exact same behavior with no ASIO driver loaded (No Driver under VST Audio System)! And it is even safer to try to reproduce this bug with no ASIO driver loaded because then you simply can kill the Cubase process.

Has anyone else experienced this error or is willing to test it?

Does it also freeze when you just save after stopping playback? I don’t see a problem really.

No, Cubase doesn’t freeze when I stop the playback, but I consider this to be only a workaround. The point is that Cubase should not freeze, no matter if playback is active or not. If it does it is a bug. Unfortunately, for me as a customer, it seems to be impossible to determine whether it is one in Cubase or in FM8. So I asked other Cubase and FM8 users around here to at least try to reproduce this error so we can clearly state it is a problem with one of the both software and not with my computer system/setup.

All right, fair enough. I won’t try it though, and I think it’s asking for trouble working that way.

I always stop playback before saving, or even adding/removing tracks, etc. It’s just too big a risk if you ask me. I’ve just learnt to accept the fact that it can be unstable at times.

Even I wouldn’t try adding and removing of tracks during playback. :smiley: …but saving should work flawlessly, damn it! :imp:

So owners of Cubase 6.5 and FM8, please try to reproduce the error and tell me whether it occured or not! :nerd:

I don’t even think the autosave will save during playback. I am not positive, but many times it will save right AFTER I stop the playback. Another good reason to stop playback before saving.
FWIW, I was able to duplicate the behavior you the OP described.

Thank you a lot! seriously this bug was driving me crazy! but your right it only happens with write automation enabled. and the bug isn’t limited to just FM8, as I am not using FM8 but in my projects. with write enabled if i press save while the project is playing it crashes.

on the surface this doesn’t sound like a big deal. but i have a very short autosave time set (30 seconds) and sometimes the autosave can trigger this type of crash…

However! disable write automation and everything seems fine!
thanks!!! :slight_smile: