Cubase 6.5 freezes when I open certain plugins!

Hi Guys, first post here!!

Right so ive updated cubase from 4 to 6.5 but everytime I open either tone2 - warmverb or audiorealism bassline they come up as completely black and cubase just stops and I have to use the task manager to close it!! Which doesn’t always work so must restart computer to go back to start.

I had this problem last year when I updated from 4 to 6 but since I loved using warmverb I went back to version 4 just so I could use it without any problems. Did a complete clean sweep of my pc over the weekend and felt after reinstalling everything and treating myself to 6.5 I thought surely this my get rid of the problem. Sure enough it hasn’t and I really dont want to head back to cubase 4 as 6.5 looks amazing.

Anyone know whats up here as its pretty depressing??:frowning:

Ive a feeling it might happen with other plugins but havn’t tried opening much so far!

What o/s? 32 bit or 64 bit cubase?

are you using JBridge?

Hey im using 32 bit. I only heard of the jbridge thing last night when trying to find a solution. Not sure that would help me tho as seemed to be for people having problems with 64 bit?!?!

Man it seems I never have any luck with my software. Something always goes wrong! Should be known as well that all plugins and software im using is legit. All purchased and in my name!

Could be a memory thing?
Open Task Manager and see how much memory you have left?

What O/S you using?

Im running windows 7. Have 3gb ram and speed is 3.0Ghz!

I remember checking the memory yesterday and seemed fine but il have another look again when I get home. I was having memory problems last couple months so thats why i just wiped everything and started from scratch. Felt a fresh start was what i needed!

Can you please state if it only happens with plug-ins of a specific VST version (VST2, VST3, VST3.5)
You can find out which plug-ins are what in Devices → Plug-in Information.

No I don’t think so most of the stuff is version 2 as is warmverb and only happens with that. Opened sylenth just now and it came up completely white?? Hdd to delete it a couple of times before it would open up right.

Hmm just checking memory no and it does seem pretty high? A second ago went well over 2gb. Physical memory then is showing not a whole lot free?! Could this be the problem?

Yes this could well be a problem.