Cubase 6.5 how to change the Project folder completely?

This was easy in the previous versions when there was a set Project Folder command. With v6 and up Steiny went to the Backup Project Folder . Problem is , even though I do this ,new audio still records to the original Project folder.

Lets say I have an idea and I open Cubase and select the Empty option ( I don’t use templates at all anymore) If I don’t set the initial Project Folder Cubase records to C/Users:. It seems like you can’t get it to record anywhere else after this. If I Backup the project to a new folder, subsequent audio is still reorder to C/Users. I looked in the manual and all I saw was an option to direct the recorded audio for specific tracks to specific folders. I want a simple option to direct all new audio to a specific folder permanently.

How could I do this. I have a new Daw with a SSD C drive thats 128g and this is wasting space as I keep forgetting on the initial set up.

As you found out, you can set different record folders for single tracks - other than that no, you can´t. The project folder determines the record folder.

Backup project designates a new project folder, and all newly recorded audio goes into that project folder.
If it does not, you probably have the option “keep current project active” ticked, which continues your work in the old project, and therefore usues the old project folder instead of the backuo folder

Other than that, you can designate a user folder on project startup on any drive you like, so your initial projects are not saved on the C: drive

You need to open the .cpr from the new location for the data to be stored there.

I had a “DOH” moment when I read your post and thought,"of course ,thats what I’m doing wrong.I just went to the back up folder and made sure to open the cpr from there. Still in the Pool it shows Project Folder as Users/. I guess I have to be careful when starting a new project but I wish I could just re route existing ones to the folder of my choice

I’ll have to verify using the option “Keep current project active” which may be the issue

Thanks for the replies

Try this a bit geeky workaround:

Close the project whose project folder you want to change
Copy the project file out of its current project folder (.cpr only) and double click it
Cubase will not be able to find its project folder and will ask to set one.
Set the desired folder as project folder
Move all the contents from the previous folder to the new one

Make sure to backup the original project file if you are not a 100% sure what you are doing.

Enjoy this work around :wink:

This is an 2-year-old thread, Backup Project was fixed since then.