Cubase 6.5 instability

Unfortunately, Cubase 6.5 runs horribly on my system :frowning:
The problem lies with selecting notes in the key editor. Doing this during playback gives all sorts of audio glitches where the metronome is doing all kinds of weird stuff and even midi output stutters.

Here’s the repro:
Open new project.
Add a midi track and route it anywhere. (I routed it to my hardware synth using my Midex 8 interface).
Record a part with some notes.
Playback the part.
---------------- Untill here everything is fine.

Open the key editor and hit ctrl + A to select all notes.
Result: All notes are selected, and a warning popup telling me the project is unstable and I should save it under a new name and restart Cubase.
Click OK, and while the song is playing, select and deselect some notes.
Result: Time glitches cause midi output AND audio output (metronome) to glitch, sending several midi note start and stop messages on every selection, and the metronome tones will sound out of time or even stretched whenever a note is selected during playback.

Ignoring the error message will slowly kill Cubase, where every function I try to access simply dissapears from the GUI when clicking on it. For instance adding another midi track now will make the inspector invisible, and midi instruments will dissappear completely when trying to open them.
After a while it’ll just crash to desktop and Windows tells me it has to apply compatibility options to make the program more stable or something along those lines.

This happened 5 times now, with both new projects in 6.5 and old projects from 6.0.5.

I’ll dig up the crash log.

edit: the error message tells me the crashlog should be in C:\program files\Steinberg\Cubase\Cubase6.log but that file isn’t there.

I tried to reproduce this but all works fine here.
Could you please send me one of those project files to info at steinberg dot de (to my attention)?
The crash log you are looking for should be located at C:\Users[username]\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps and I’d like to have this as well.

In the meantime, please delete (or at least move) the Cubase preferences to allow Cubase to create new ones:
C:\Users[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\

This might help…

Tried to repro as you described but all is working fine here.

There’s bound to be a few issues, Steinberg took us all by suprise on this wasn’t just Padshop, but quite a major update - WELL DONE STEINBERG!

Upgraded via grace period, installation went smoothly and quickly and there’s some excellent new features.

So far no probs (on Win 7 - 64 bit) and extremely pleased.

It will be interesting to see how fast any bugs rear thier ugly heads over the coming weeks, as mentioned, there’s bound to be a few issues, it’s part of the course though all in all a fantastic update for free :smiley:

Thanks for the responses.
No hard feelings here, I just had a 2 hour jamsession with Retrologue and that thing is absolutely amazing. Cubase works fine as long as I stay in the project window so I can play and record as much as I want. Quite happy my system isn’t entirely crippled yet.

You should have an email shortly EdDoll :slight_smile:
Do you also want all the dump files in the crashlog folder? I’ve got about 9 of those from today’s sessions, no idea if it contains anything useful for you. The crashlog just shows an acces violation on a certain adress.

Update: Was about to send you the email, but just tried trashing prefs and this particular problem seems to have gone. I’ll do some more expirements tonight because I’m not at the full setup now. (and restore as many of my settings I can remember :sunglasses: )
If I run into this or something else again, I’ll let you know.

If you wish to see the crashlog regardless let me know Ed.
Thanks for the help anyway!

You should still send him the project and crash log. It may allow them to address what caused the issue.

Still getting problems with control room with more than one output and inconsistent metronome. chooses random beats to miss out, and 6.0.5 did this too. Steinberg are quietly ignoring my support emails…

My system crashes each time I edit some midi notes on Key Editor… :frowning:

well, the fix is right in this topic :slight_smile:

Now it works :slight_smile: