Cubase 6.5 is compatible with Os Maverick?

Good afternoon, is my first post, i never have problems with your Cubase, but now I want format and update my iMac with new os version. Is possible and when can I update?

Thanks for the answers, sorry for my bad english (i’m italian)

I russian, sorry for my bad english too)))
I updated the OS X and ran into some problems

If you hold down the mouse wheel - “hand” is no longer moves the project window
This is terrible!
If this is the trackpad - all ok
When you save a new file in the project, constantly sought the path and the default output folder “Documents”
Just Apple changed the file sorting and now “cpr” are above the folders
I am lost …
Perhaps you should have waited. Can you go back?

Ciao Roby, benvenuto!
Sembra che ci siano problemi legati ad alcune schede audio ma, per quanto ci è dato sapere, non ci sono conflitti con i progetti, i suoni VST e le configurazioni software.
Aspetterei ancora qualche giorno, comunque…

@goliaf: that’s weird… didn’t read about that before.
So, will wait for the upgrade hoping the Steinberg staff is already working on it.

Thanks guys!
Perhaps i must go with my previous backup in time machine (big plus for me is i have one)

Grazie mille per la risposta, sono molto soddisfatto del vostro prodotto, si sà se uscirà un aggiornamento?
Intanto aspetto qualche altro giorno e poi aggiornerò, visto che il nuovo os è gratuito, e con Lion ho un pò di problemi!


But thanks for trying.

The rest of us C6 users will learn from your experience(s).