Cubase 6.5 is out - Lanes improvements


next Nuendo update will be released in April! It will incorporate the lance comping change.


It’ll be very interesting to see how the pricing issue will pan out. First this April update, possibly another (can’t remember) and then finally Nuendo v6 (one hopes) later this year (again, one hopes)…

A recipe for very interesting pricing structures especially for those who never went to v5.x…

This is new, Steinberg charging for .x updates. This is unexpected, even for Avid.

That is not correct, and you have short memory.

For some (mostly “musical”) features, Cubase is indeed ahead. But Nuendo is ahead in the most Post-oriented areas.
The automation system, video, import/export, markers and many other features were first introduced in Nuendo.
And that will also be the case for N6.

In the past, Cubase/Nuendo enherited their “sister-application-features” with each new version number.
Since version 5, these features get exchanged withing the version cycle, and mostly for free.


My first thought too.

Couldn’t Nuendo users be given a Cubase license that is locked to the same key as their Nuendo license?

99% of my work is music production, but I bought Nuendo because of more sophisticated automation features, a perception that it was geared towards professionals, and at that time, a statement to the effect that Nuendo would always have the features of Cubase and that there would be no more leap frogging. In terms of music features, it looks as though Nuendo will be behind Cubase for some time now.

Part of me thinks that I should just buy Cubase and have done with it, but a bigger part of me thinks that I don’t want to pay for updates to two near identical programs.

Hammer on the nail’s head. I feel the exact same way… I suppose we should have listened when they kept saying Nuendo is for POST! You and me can now slap each other’s faces while exclaiming

"DUH! you’re stoooopid SMACK No, you’re stooooopid! SMACK "

owie the truth hurts


It has been a while, but I think that is the way it used to be.

I know that it’s just to do what you want with the tool you choose, but it’s hard to be off the trend, in my case, using Nuendo in Mac for music instead of Logic+Pro Tools, and have to listen to some clients stating “Nuendo, what’s that?”, or “Why don’t you use Pro Tools”, or even the worse “Nuendo, was it for post”? I have Cubase/Logic/Pro Tools for music, don’t you use Pro Tools?".

Because I don’t have the time to read trough 10+pages at the cubase forum:

Are the new Lanes fixing the issues? Or is it just another “new broken feature”? In the screenshot it does not look very promising, very close to the “old new” one … not the great “old” V5 style/behavior. … ??..

Well, I am sceptically about a “new comping tool” - in the past I was able to edit without that, just with the old lanes.

Are “Events on top” fixed?

Maybe anyone can post it as soon as he tried it. If things are NOT fixed in a good way I do not need to wait till fu*kin April… Or maybe Nuendo will get the OLD lanes back? But I fear there is no change.

Comp Tool? I usually just use alt+click to split - ctrl+click for moving from one track to another, alt+click for copy n paste, fade in/out, x-fades - volume handles… offline processing (autotune) etc… Timestretch… Timewarp…

The cool thing in the old version was that it was JUST the same like on an regular audiotrack, just that you can watch the stuff … well… on lanes :slight_smile:

Most of that was broken in the new version, incl the most no-go issue with the “click and on top” thing which makes it impossible to do additional overdubs on already comped material as well.

The new style was only good for the “most simple scenario”. Recording a couple of almost identical takes, splitting them all over, doing a quick and dirty comp out of individual parts. In the realworld things are way more complex.

I just do not understand the need of a new tool?

Well, I will most likely throw the 50 bucks at the C6.5 upgrade and check that out by myself. I think it is nasty that I have to pay for a fix of a previous perfect but then broken feature but what else can I do… I do not need more synths - I have tons of stuff here but again - what else can I do… I just need a working solution.

For me it is very ok :slight_smile:

Because “C6.5 is out” means to me:

“well, lets hope the lanes are working now” mainly ^^

Its the same here, I spent the 50 bucks so I will be able to check out the upgrades before Nuendo comes with an upgrade. Maybe I will even be able to use C6.5 for recording/editing now - instead of jumping back and forth using C5.5 and N5.5. Recording drums in C5.5 - doing the main editing (not good in N5.5 because the events-on-top issue), bounce to full events, opening in N5.5 - doing the drum-quatize stuff - bounce again, back to C5.5 - recording oldschool style guitars, bass, vox etc - using old lanes heavily - then - when everything is edited and bounced - mixing in N5.5. This sucks somewhat :confused:

Did they fix the “events on top when moved with the mouse” thing? This bugs me to death as well. Because there is no workaround when working with regular audio-recording, overlapping multiple takes etc.


Well, I checked out the lanes thing - and I would say - without having used that in a real session yet - that it looks quite promising!

It seems that this could work quite well, in my opinion this combines the the old style with the new style quite well, somewhat more confusing (because of the comp tool) than the old version but I am sure that I will get used to it soon. At this point I hope that it is cool in the real life context as well, but I think yes. So we finally have working solution - it seems that I will use Cubase 6.5 for recording now till Nuendo comes with the update as well…

Well, it seems that there is still something wrong with the events-on-top-when-moved thing, I have to dig into this a little bit more.

BUT: At least in Cubase the crosshatching thing seemed improved, I have to say that I never took care of it in the older version because I never used C6 - but at least in C6.5 it looks quite ok, - yes - still crosshatching, but at least I can see what is going on at the overlapping so far, way better than in current Nuendo. But event GUI in Cubase is little different compared to Nuendo, so I really hope that this will be enhanced in Nuendo as well…