Cubase 6.5 Latency (20 Intruments Tracks) HELP

I hate latency. The question is when I’ll find a software that does not make me anymore problems in life. Without stable latencies of truth, but that does not exist I think.
Now I have my latency in cubase 6.5, when I have a project to 0 I have not but as I am creating and adding effects, etc. (minimum 20 tracks approx) latency begins …
I have an audio 4DJ with the buffer to 128 (presumably in cubase I pulled out a latency of 8 ms.)
SL i3 4 ram iMac 10.6.8
Thanks in advance
I leave my confg settings of audio to see if I am wandering somewhat

Sorry for my Traductor de Google, soy argentino.
Ayudaaa steinbergggg
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You need to better explain where/how you experience “latency”. There is latency all over a consumer PC/Mac OS based DAW. Both in the hardware and the software. It is the job of the host to do all the compensation necessary so that you don’t experience an issue.

Based on the fact that you mention an inordinate amount of “instrument tracks”, I would assume you are using a ton of virtual instruments? This you’re experiencing latency while playing more? Or are you hearing tracks shifted in time?

My relatively blind guess is you are also using audio plug ins that generate latency. Cubase compensates by sending the audio early…but, at some point with all the compensation it has to do for audio plug ins, the input “real time” virtual instrument latency suffers. This is not usually a problem because there’s no need for heavy handed audio plug ins prior to mixing…and by the time you’re mixing, why would you be playing a VI “live”?

You could try hitting the “constrain delay compensation” button and see if it does better for you…also disable all your audio plug ins. If either fixes the issue, then I’m right about the problem. If not, be more specific as to how/when you perceive latency.