cubase 6.5 license

Ive been a long time cubase 5 user. And recently decided its time to up grade. I checked out cubase 7 but i just didnt like the new mixer set up. However i found a 6.5 trial and love it. However it is impossible to find 6.5 for sale anywhere. Does anyone know where i can get cubase 6.5 or atleast the license for it?

You can buy a 7.5 license and use it with Cubase 6.5

Again one more guy saying the same thing & Steinberg developers never realize & also don’t really care…But that will result customer loss in a long term. Hope they read this & make a stunning new Cubase 8 with classic Cubase touch (GUI).

Here you can download C 6.5.5

And for its license you need to buy C 7 full version.

Thank you guys very much. You just made my day

You’ll first need to download and install Cubase 6.5.0 (740MB) from that same page and then the 6.5.5 update.

Since i already have cubase 5, can i just buy the upgrade from 5 to 7 and use the license from that?

Yes, as Makumbaria wrote 1 1/2 weeks ago already

He said buy the full version. I didnt know if buying the upgrade was going to be the same thing. Just wanted to check.

He said:

Nowhere does he say anything about a full version

As long as we’re on semantics: Nor does he say buy the 7.0 upgrade from C5 - which in fact is what the OP needs. :sunglasses:

Since we are getting into details, it would be the “Cubase 7.5 Update from Cubase 4 or Cubase 5”.