Cubase 6.5 - Midi Device Manager - SysEx Message config.


I’m trying to make few pannels for my KORG R3 using SysEx messages assigned to the knobs & sliders. Everything works smooth as long as the parameter has range of values from 0-127 or 0-3 etc. It gets complicated when the parameter (for ex. Transpose) has values range -48-0-+48. Using the MIDI monitor i get the following from R3:

F0 42 30 7D 41 11 00 14 00 (xx) 00 F7 / where xx is from 00 to 30 (hex) - that is for positive values


F0 42 30 7D 41 11 00 14 00 (xx) 7F F7 / where xx is from 7F downto 50 (hex) - for negative values.

The question is if there is a way to program the SysEx message for he konb that would change the values from 0 to negative values and from 0 to positive values (including the above two formats of the msg that would change depending on the knob position?)?

Got stuck on this one and have no idea how to solve the issue.

Could anyone help with this?


I have a JD-800 that only sends SysEx from it’s sliders. I have them translated into CC to use in Cubase.

My experience in the Device Panels is only a few afternoons but I don’t know if you can do that level of transformation. With SysEx anyways.

The way I do it is with Bome’s Midi Translator. JD800 —> Bome’s —> Cubase.

Really, I think if you are doing this deep of MIDI messaging it’s a no-brainer investment. It’s the one piece of software besides the OS that ALWAYS seems to be running. So cost per minute, it’s the cheapest I’ve ever bought.