Cubase 6.5 / Movable Frozen VSTi Parts-Broken Promise Again!

Once again, although it was PROMISED to me to be in this next minor 6.x version of Cubase, as it has been for NUMEROUS version in the past 5+ years. we still don’t get moveable frozen VSTi parts!! Jezz guys, come on already, how many times can you break your promise on this? :smiling_imp:

No batch export improvements either. Jeez, a terrible update for basic functionality improvements (in fact, I don’t see ANY really). STOP GIVING US MORE SYNTHS!! We need core functionality upgrades!! :unamused:

Grrrrrrrrr… :cry: :imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

By movable frozen VSTi parts are you talking about the kind of functionality that exists in Cakewalk’s SONAR? I’d love to have that in Cubase. In SONAR when you freeze a soft synth (VSTi instrument track) the audio waveform is displayed in place of the MIDI part. I don’t know if Cakewalk changed this behavior, but I found in SONAR version 8.5 I had to create a new audio track and then drag the frozen synth part into the new audio track. Otherwise, if I simply dragged the audio waveform to create its own audio track in the arranger and then unfroze the synth the audio would disappear.

The way freezing synths in Cubase is handled is much more time consuming.

This is one of my long term requests as well.

To be honest, I would prefer to see an “Export In Place” button which could let you decide what you want to export in place such as instruments, audio, audio with effects etc.

Imagine this scenario:

You have a VST instrument that plays in just 2 bars of your whole piece. On the first bar and on bar 50.
Instead of having to go and export one single huge audio file that for most of the part will contain silence, and instead of doing two separate exports with different locator selections imagine if you could just:

Select the events in the project window
Press Export in place
And Cubase would create an audio track with the corresponding audio events cut in the correct places.

This is just an example. Same thing could apply if you wanted to export in place WITH insert effects without having to go through the whole export procedure.

This is my NO.1 request from Cubase. For a long time.

I missed this promise. When did they promise anything for that matter?
I think all they said was that they’d look into it.

Just get a more powerful CPU, go to 64-bit, and get a lot of RAM and you’ll probably rarely ever need to utilize Freeze anymore. I haven’t needed to Freeze once since I built my latest DAW, and I use a lot of heavy Kontakt instruments, Omnishphere, and other high CPU/RAM instruments.

For your sake, though (Tones2) I hope you get a better Freeze one day, but as far as I am concerned I could care less about Freeze anymore with my system. I have a feeling Steiny is just counting on the continuously powerful CPU’s overcoming the need to ever have to fully implement Freeze anymore.

I’m along those lines too, secretly because I get told off for pointing that out.
Even on a modest system if you use that many tracks, VSTis and FX at a couple of hours long then by the time you need freeze you’ve forgotten what you used, where and why. :mrgreen:
Some even claim to have as many tracks, instruments and FX as most people have used in a lifetime of writing songs. :mrgreen:

I’d settle for read-only access to frozen instrument MIDI data. I don’t know why I can’t peek at the notes as long as I don’t change em.

Well, I can’t seem to find the thread where they said it was going to be in a future 6.x release (still looking - I’m positive it’s out there), but this thread said it’s the “high priority”. Not quite that high, it seems.

They also at various times TOLD me it would be in specific future x.x releases (old forum). Anyone who’s been here a while can probably vouch for that. Again, this has been going on for 5 years…I assume I’ll be continuing to battle for this for 5 more. :imp: