Cubase 6.5 MusicXML export GM drums

Hi Folks,

Been using Cubase for years but have only recently needed to use the Scoring side of it. I’m having trouble getting a midi drum part to play nice in scoring software such as Finale Notepad or MuseScore.
Here are the steps I’m taking in Cubase:
1.) Midi drum part created
2.) Midi output assigned to a general drum sound for playback (i.e SE Halion Sonic, channel 10)
3.) Assign GM drum map
4.) Score editor, fix a few layout things so it looks correct (i.e switching to Drum Score, and applying auto layout)
5.) Select part, export as MusicXML

When opening the XML file in Musescore, for example, although it looks visually correct, the wrong sounds are being played back. So instead of a snare, it plays back a samba whistle. Instead of kick drum, a shaker etc.
Furthermore, although it looks as though the XML file specifies different voicings for each drum, on import, everything is now voice 1, so hihat parts all have the stems down, grouped with snare and kick…messy.
I then have to manually select each snare note and move it until it triggers the correct sound (and then it’s on the wrong line) Same problem when importing to Finale Notepad.

Anyone have any experience with this? Or an alternative workflow for getting drum scores out of Cubase?
Please let me know,