Cubase 6.5 New features request

Select 3 fetures you prefer:

  • 1. Refresh midi devices
  • 2. Midi automation clips
  • 3. Midi automation freeze
  • 4. Fully integrated midi learn option
  • 5. Fully integrated GUI option
  • 6. Fast startup option
  • 7. New system for saving preferences

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Few features I’ve been hoping SB would implement for a long time, most of which they would have implemented already if anybody from their dev. department ever tried using any other DAW:

  1. Refresh midi devices (for those times when you forget to turn on a usb midi device before staring up cubase)
  2. Midi automation clips - drag/drop/copy/paste/move like regular midi clips (think FLStudio automation - much better solution)
  3. Midi automation “freeze” - drawing midi automation effects only the automated part (start/end of drawn automation is not effected by first/last point)
  4. Fully integrated midi learn option (think FLstudio/ableton live, “right click” learn)
  5. Fully integrated GUI option (essential to be an option, for people who prefer the windowed approach)
  6. Fast startup option (disable midi scan, vst scan and other non-essential initializations)
  7. New system for saving preferences (preferably something developed in this century, making our time-consuming preference setup a “set and forget” thing, instead of re-doing them on every update/patch)

Considering SB’s track record on fulfilling user feature requests, I’m not hopeful, but I thought; why not give it a shot anyway? :wink:
Just my 2c…

Midi to Audio. Just a context menu option that turns a midi track or selection straight into audio.

  1. Fully integrated midi learn option

  2. Fully integrated GUI option


Always On Top option for Media Bay Piano Roll Drum Editor…
Maybe this one is really pushing it but I love Ableton’s Session View :open_mouth:

Bounce in place. Long overdue.

Read. second paragraph, first line. Bounce in place is not the same as Logic but it is there.

Not the same. Again: DBAD = Don’t Be a Douche

A simple way to flip/invert an automation curve.

Obviously ignorant of Cubase to anything but the basics. You’re owned as a troll. Goodbye.