Cubase 6.5, okay but Cubase 5 audio quality different?

Cubase user since 1992. Just purchased and have been using the 6.5 upgrade for my home system.
I am scratching my head about something though.

I have Cubase 5.5.3 on a machine I use off site that I use on occasion. After using 6.5 for a while and then going back to Version 5, I think version 5 sounds better. What changed about the audio quality between the two versions? I believe that version 5 sounds more smooth and full. One of the tech guys say they re-did the audio engine a bit (made some tweaks). I am not sure it was for the best.

Any opinions?


I heard absolutely no difference at all. Mind I changed from 5 Essential to 6 Artist, but I doubt that makes a difference.
Then again I’m not quite an expert listener yet.

Load up the same project in both, do a mixdown in WAV format, load both into v5, and phase reverse one of them, see if there’s any difference. If there’s not, the end result will be silence. If there is a difference, let us know.

This has been talked to death on gearslutz, but in that context they were talking about the summing - the consensus is that there is no difference in the final summing that the versions of cubase does - but my experience is different, I can tell a difference in sound from 5 to 6. I don’t think its the summing though, I think cubase 6 just handels some pulgins slightly differently which leads to a slightly different sound. I prefer 6 btw - it seems brighter to me =)

just out of interest, if you render something to 16 bit, and then again a second wav to 24 bit, and then phase reverse one, will they cancel out? my guess is that they will, but the 24 bit one will sound smoother.

im not convinced that phase cancellation is the be-all-end-all answer to everything…

If the original files were recorded in “real 24 bits” (and even without dithering) - No

Version 5 rendered files sound smoother to me with more depth of field. This is what I am sorry about.

I tried using Version 5 last night on my home machine and it kept crashing because of a Waves message. Recently, I updated to Waves 9 for 64 bit operation and now Version 5 will not load.

The mp3 rendered audio of Version 5 is different. I prefer it and wish I could have that sound in V6.


.cpr’s sounding different maybe because you use a Time-Strech Algorythem [strg+p].

Cubase 5 has the mpex3
Cubase 6 elastiquePro by the way. the mp3 encoder also changed.

And the MultibandCompressor has changed but i think they allready did in C5.5 to.

Pointless worrying about the difference in an MP3!!!