Cubase 6.5 owner - want to upgrade to cubase 7 but keep 6.5?

hi there, i currently own Cubase 6.5

i want to upgrade to cubase 7- but i have a few Q’s

first of all… If i buy a new dongle, is it possible to store this upgraded cubase 7 license on the new dongle?

this way i’d have -

  • one cubase 6.5 dongle for my laptop
  • one cubase 7 license on another dongle for my desktop pc

does it work this way?? or does by upgrading my license, the 6.5 license will just be transformed into 7?

what happens if i still wanna open cubase 6 then?

can anyone help me with regard to this?


Yes, that is correct.

Your Cubase 7 license will allow you to run any lesser version, too.

7 will install as a separate application. No need to uninstall 6.5.

You could have both 6.5 and 7 installed on two different computers and just move your USB-eLicenser to whichever computer you want to use.

I left 6.5 installed so I have a comfort zone to still work in while getting accustomed to the new Cubase 7 features.

If you want two licenses on two different dongles … you need to buy two licenses.

I have C5/6.5/7 with one dongle all running on the same machine.
And I can even run them at the same time!
I never really do this, but it can be done.

HTH (hope this helps)

Good info.
QQ, I didn’t want to start a new thread since this one is kinda relevant.

What if you only have C7 and have a 6.5 trial version? (I have one there with a code but never installed it.)
Does owning C7 allow one to go back and use C6.5 whether Trial or Not?
I doubt it but the trial stated that I needed a dongle and now that I have one, I was tempted to install it. :wink:

Good question. Perhaps a mod will chime in on this.


The recommended way to convert an older project into a newer format project is to use an older version of Cubase, so one would think that a later versioned license would let you run older versions of Cubase. :slight_smile:

Of course.

I had 6.5 trial active just before purchasing C7 (was “trialling” Elements all along :wink: and installed 6.0.7 to perform conversions so as to enable the tempo/signature track prior.

Of course I found C7 stable, so decided to upgrade my rig to account for increases in system resource usage.

AFAIK, once you have a license on your dongle you can run ANY earlier version from it.
There are various things involved with upgrading you should be aware of though:
1 - Upgrading a 6.5 license will replace the 6.5 license completely.
2 - Adding a full C7 license will go in addition to the existing 6.5 license, allowing you to have one on each dongle (6.5 & 7) giving you licenses on 2 machines.
3 - As already posted above, you can simply move dongles from one system to another or else have a separate dongle for each system, but that requires separate licenses (we have 3 systems here with both Cubase & Nuendo installed on each one).

Hope this helps

So you’re saying the C7 install interrogates the dongle and nothing else?

I’m currently running C6.0.7 on an XP drive.

I want to upgrade to C7, but install it on a new Win7 drive (will boot from one drive or the other depending on what I’m doing).

So when I install C7 on the new drive, the program will look at the dongle to check for the license, not on the drive to see if C6 is installed. Correct?

correct !