Cubase 6.5 project won't load?

So Cubase 6.5 is acting up yet again… I’m having trouble even loading small projects (1000 kb).
It just freezes.
There is nothing wrong with my computer at all, I’m running on Windows 7 professional, 32 gig ram and with lots of HD space… Actually just bought it cause of problems with Cubase. Spent loads of my hard-earned cash :frowning:

Altho the weird thing is that the same projects some times opens just fine, and sometimes they just keep on freezing. If a project isn’t freezing a 100% of the time, there isn’t really anything wrong with it, right?
If a VST would be causing a project to freeze, it would happend every time i’d try to open it…
Im getting f***ing tired of restarting my computer every 15 minutes just to open a project that I am working on.

So what am I supposed to do here?

Re-name 3rd party plug folder/s, trash Prefs… you don’t say what step it freezes at, so…

Well that is because it freezes at different steps all the time… Sometimes it freezes at the bass-plug, sometimes at just a kick sample etc…