Cubase 6.5 re-install

:question: I had to do a clean install after a disk fail. I had already installed Cubase 6.5 and have the proper code for it on my dongle. I only had a download of the update and not a disk version. I can’t seem to find anyway of getting version 6.5 from the Steinberg site without paying for it again. There is a trial download which includes the dongle code, but I am scared to use this method in-case it wipes/over rights my full version code in the process of installation. I have e-mailed Steinberg for clarification but have had no reply. Does anybody know what the proper procedure is?

Installation of the trial and activation of the license are separate processes.

The trial download is the same as the installer you had before.
Just disregard the trial code.
The full 6.5 license on you e-licenser will run the program.

Thanks for the response, problem solved. :blush: