Cubase 6.5 > Reason 4 Rewire troubles

Hi ,

i am new to the Board and have a few problems:

i am using Cubase 6.5 and Reason 4 on a mac machine (OSX Snowleopard 10.8.5)and since i upgradet Reason to 4.1 the Rewire is not working anymore - i tried reinstalling Reason but still the RewirePort is not working anymore !!

It always says :

“AudioEngine not working try to reastart Reason”

thats pretty anoying because it worked out of the box and i am sick of reinstalling everything !!

I am asking here since the propellerheads forum is down :frowning:
To be honest : Iam new to all this Mac Stuff i never experienced problems with the Rewireport when i was an Windows

help is realy appreciated