Cubase 6.5 ReWire support: not all clients are visible

After some troubles with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit which meant a reinstall of the OS, I decided to also reinstall some of my DAWS in only the 64-bit versions.

While I was excited to see 64-bit ReWire support in Cubase 6.5, which I upgraded to, I’m puzzled by the fact that Cubase is not seeing all available 64-bit ReWire clients. One client application it’s not seeing is PreSonus Studio One version 2. On the other hand, neither is PreSonus Studio One version 2 seeing Cubase as a ReWire client. I don’t know enough about the ReWire technology to understand why this is so.

I also have Reaper 64-bit and it’s visible in both PreSonus Studio One version 2 and Cubase as a client, however, when I run Reaper as the host it’s not seeing either Studo One or Cubase as a client. Remarkably though, Reaper 64-bit is able to see and run a couple of 32-bit only DAWS I have as ReWire clients: ACID Pro 7 and FL Studio 10.

I’m wondering if a Steinberg engineer can explain more about how ReWire 64-bit technology was implemented in Cubase and why it’s not able to see PreSonus Studio One version 2. I’ll also ask PreSonus the same question.

Thanks for your time!

Cubase runs only as master. Reason runs only as slave. Reaper, either way. Not sure about studio one, but sounds like it is the same as Cubase.

What you’re describing is normal.

StudioOne runs as Rewire Master only. So no other Rewire Master will be able to see StudioOne as a slave, because it´s simply not programmed to be Rewire Slave. Reason and Ableton Live are, by the way, but as far as I know, there is nos Ableton in 64bit. Correct me if I´m wrong.

Hope this helps.
All the best.