cubase 6.5; safe to install 64 bit?

hi all. i bought the upgrade a few weeks ago but haven’t installed. i have 64 bit plugins from waves, lexicon, fxpansion and nomad factory. plus 32 bit ones from ik multimedia, uad etc. my question is; has anybody successfully got these running in cubase 6.5? i see some posts about their plugins being blacklisted by the update. i can’t afford to let that happen… thanks , ed

You can install 32-bit and 64-bit side by side. Try them both. Personally I have had good luck. Really only one 32-bit plugin didn’t work for me, but I am successfully using it via JBridge.


They r all working well in 64 bit mode, if have some problems with 64bit plug-ins just try to install 32 bit versions and jbridge them.So far there s NO PROBLEM with 64bit plugins on my 64 bit system and cubase. (waves, lexicon, fxpansion and nomad factory)


I try to only use 64bit plugins. The only 32bit I use is because it does not exist in 64 yet, like Echoboy. But as soon as it comes I will update.

thanks for replies guys. but what i’m saying is: i am already using cubase 64 bit with jbridge for some plugins. if i install cubase 6.5, will any of my existing waves, uad, nomad factory plugins be crippled or blacklisted by the update? has anyone got first hand experience with these plugins, in cubase 6.5 in 64 bit mode? i’m not going back to the 32 bit cubase. my projects use a lot of ram intensive instruments… ed :slight_smile:

I use the 6.5 version 64bit and have Waves Gold Bundle and CLA Classics all in 64 bit.
No problem what so ever.
But no one can guarantee your system is bullet proof…if that’s what you want…

thanks again. good to know that you got waves working well. i know there’s always a chance of an incompatibility. just don’t want to jump in without getting some opinions/reports first. ed

I’m using UAD with 6.5. I don’t believe anything has changed in this regard from 6.0 to 6.5, so I wouldn’t expect any issues with any plugs that are already working with 6.0.


ok lads. i’m finishing a double album for a client this week. think i’ll do the upgrade when that’s finalised. thanks. ed