cubase 6.5 stable?

Is cubase 6.5 stable yet?

very stable , ive not had one crash since installed 3 montrhs ago

Is, and always was, stable for me…
But the much more intelligent question to ask would be, “Is Cubase 6.5 stable with XXX interface and YYY VST plug-ins on a ZZZZ system?” Because, of course, overall, Cubase is stable for most users.

sounds good to me. I have been on 6.1 for a while. Ill give it a whirl

Aloha m,

just to chime in
C6.5 is one of the most stable versions of Cubase ever.

I will be very afraid to go to 6.5.2 when it is ready.


6.5.1 is very stable here. but as jaslan pointed, it depends of your system.

I’ve had a few 6.5 crashes this week when doing heavy work (preset auditioning and patch designing) with Native Instruments Massive (64-bit). In general it’s been pretty solid though.

6.5 damn stable here. (quasi 24/7) :wink:
like the versions before. yes.

i get crashes with every release of cubase and with lots of different pcs and interfaces. but i work with it all day every day and drive it hard! as someone once said, it your computer isn’t crashing, you’re not trying hard enough.
to complete my statement above, i maybe get around 3 or 4 cubase crashes a week. which is better than older versions. it’s also better than sonar which seems to crash if a cloud passes the window. i doubt that any complex, worthwhile software could be guaranteed 100% crashproof.
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my personal experience so far, I daily use Cubase with more than 60+ tracks/many VSTis/fx/automations, etc.,
most errors are caused by third party plugins.

True here as well.

it probably is true that errors are mostly caused by 3rd party plugins. but really, the question is how stable is cubase? since most of us use 3rd party stuff, that has to be taken into account. cubase needs to be more robust in dealing with 3rd party plugins and the makers of those plugins need to iron out problems at their end too. ed

yes, you´re right Eddie. But on my system is Cubase very stable - and I use a lot third party plugs.

let me say; cubase is stable on my system. i get a lot of good use out of it. in fact, in my experience it’s a lot better than sonar, protools and reaper in terms of stability. crashes happen and i accept it. i save regularly. my worst fears with cubase are corrupted projects. have had this happen a few times over the years. sonar has a good recovery system, where the file can be opened without plugins. i wish we had that for cubase (other than having to move plugin folders etc). since i went 64 bit and have more ram (16GB) crashes are less common. i use things like bfd2, melodyne, kontakt. ram hogs! ed

I think every system is a “different universe” and it is really dificult to know if a new version will be stable or not in our OS instalation. This is specially true regarding complex softwares, like Cubase.

I’ve created the exact same project between Cubase, Reaper and Sonar X1 in an attempt to do a shootout. I did this because Cubase was crashing too much and I needed to find an alternative.

Same source material, midi clips, audio, number of tracks, groups channels, sends, buses, effects, plugins, etc.

Cubase crashed three times during the test period. Reaper only crashed (in a reproducible way) when I was trying to stack a ton of VSTs on a single channel – like 30+ on one track (was doing a performance test). Sonar has not crashed yet.

For me, Cubase was not stable and I’m sad to have had to migrate away from it.

Sorry, but it’s not Cubase. Something els is wrong in your set up.

Cubase is very stable.