Cubase 6.5 startup time so slow and keeps re-initializing

I have a few things to say Ive noticed…if someone knows a workaround or solution I’d be happy…

  1. Cubase 6.5 (previously 6 and 5 was doing this too…) from time to time re-initializes all plugins as if I’ve installed all the plugins for the first time for no reason…for example I am trying to startup cubase at the moment and I haven’t installed any new plugin or another software but it is now re-initializing 50+ plugins and it is almost 4-5 minutes and its counting…

  2. Cubase 6.5 on my windows 7 64bit system (K2600, 16g ram etc…) with same installed plugin set starts much slower than Cubase 6.5 on 2010 quad mac pro (same plugins), why?

  3. Any suggestions as to how I can make startup faster? E.g. moving vst plugin folder? new harddrive is of course good but I am talking about tweaks rather than buying ultrafast solid state HDDs…


  1. this happens twice a year because of the winter and summer time. Actually a great reminder!

Haha, wow, never thought of that…You are right…well at least I know why…thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s painfully slow, and this is especially noticeable on an fast PC with an SSD, as every other piece of software (other DAW’s included) start up almost instantly. Not sure what cubase does on start up that no other DAW does, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly down to an ancient, non-updated start up procedure, and possibly a side-effect of the elicencer key.

On the bright side, at least saving a project is faster now… :wink: