Cubase 6.5 sucks!

Having spent thousands on a new beut Windows 7 Ultimate OS, 64 bit Dual Core system with 16 MB; Ram I am getting ’ No enough Memory '.

Yes incorrectly spelt ’ No ’ enough Memory (they can’t even spell Not correctly)

I have my Old XP Pro system also active & registered and I copied the older files into the New beut 64 bit system and even on relatively ’ small files ’ (Piano, & Cello only) I am getting ’ No Enough Memory to Load the Soundfont? '.

I have downloaded the latest version of Cubase!

This just isn’t good enough!

What are you trying to load into what?

No Enough Memory to Load the Soundfont?

It would seem you are loading something into a plugin, which one?

Are you running the 64-bit version of Cubase?

You can express pain all you want, but if you want some ideas or help, you need to provide more information.

That’s correct, need more input!

I am trying to Open my Old XP SX3 files that mainly used EWQLSO Platinum & Platinum Pro Sound Files in Cubase 6 latest Updated 64 bit machine

No Enough Memory to Load the Soundfont?

That would be Halion 4 I presume?


IF you can help that would be great!

Do you presume or know?
Did you create those projects with Halion 4?

Aren’t you happen to use the SFZ+ player?
If yes, set it to PR32 mode (or PR16 and DFD)

For the record, this isn’t a Cubase 6.5 problem.

Good article. Thanks for sharing.

However, I would have to agree that … “Cubase 6.5 sucks!”

It sucks up all my free time because I love using it so much! Actually, Cubase 7 has recently started to suck in the same way. I would say currently that Cubase 7 sucks approximately 10% as much as Cubase 6.5.



I have the SFZ player installed however I haven’t used it yet for anything, just used the Halion 4 sounds!

Are the Cubase & Halion Installation Disks meant to contain Help Files / Manuals?

IF NOT, are they available Free to Download, if so a Link please?

I am trying to move Polyphonic voice 2 to 1?


The error you receive (No Enough Memory to Load the Soundfont) isn’t a Halion 4 error, it’s directly related to the use of SFZ and SFZ+ on systems with 2GB+ memory.
When one imports Soundfonts in Halion 4, they will be converted and aren’t Soundfonts anymore.

Cubase -> Help -> Documentation -> Operation Manual
Or %PROGRAMFILES%\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Documentation\Operation_Manual.pdf

Halion 4 -> Steinberg Logo -> Help
Or %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\VST3\Steinberg\HALion 4\Documentation\Operation_Manual.pdf

Halion 4 -> Program -> Edit -> Sound -> Voice management.

Thanks for the assistance, however I haven’t Loaded any SFZ Sound Fonts in to anything yet!

It says my Manuals can not be found?

I would have expected them to have been Installed via my Original Install disks?

I have however now Downloaded them from the Link you kindly gave!

I am trying to move Polyphonic voice 2 to 1?

I am working in the Cubase Notation area trying to swap voices in the Notation, NOT Halion?

Thanks again!

Do you have adobe reader installed?

Ps Cubase Rocks :wink:

Adobe Reader installed I don’t think so?

Does that need to be installed for the Cubase Help Link to work?

In other words were they Installed but can’t be read because Acrobat Reader isn’t installed also?


The Cubase manuals are PDF files so to read them you need a PDF reader installed!

I recommend FoxIt reader over Acrobat reader, much lighter application.