Cubase 6.5 suddenly started crashing - Runtime Error R6025

Dear Cubase-Users,

as I did not get an answer to my support request from Steinberg yet, I decided to ask around here.

For almost a year my Cubase 6.5 (32 Bit running on Win7 64Bit per Focusrite Saffire-Firewire) ran stable and perfect, no issues at all.

Now since about 3 weeks, from one day to another, it crashes and crashes. After a random amount of time (can be 5 minutes after starting, but also more than an hour) the audio suddenly stops while playback still continues running. All you can do then is hit “save” and close the project-window. After that Cubase crashes with or without an error message. If you do not close the project window, but the main Cubase-window the whole system freezes so that even the task-manager won’t work and you have to shut down by turning the PC off.

When there’s an error message displayed while crashing (which sometimes is the case but more often not) it says: “Runtime Error! R6025 - pure virtual function call!”

Googling that one did not really help me any further as I’m not a total PC-dumbhead, but definitely no geek either.

At first I suspected the public Beta-demo of Slate’s VBC I had recently installed, but then I realized the crashes had started some days before I installed VBC. For using the VBC demo I had to install the new iLok-Manager which itself seems to be a buggy pain in the ass, but as I said, the crashes had started to occur earlier.

Besides that I did not change anything to my system setup - no new plugins or other software installed, all drivers are up to date, the Cubase-Update to 6.5.5. changed nothing.

What did I try? Of course I deinstalled VBC and all of its components. Nothing. I reinstalled Cubase (as Admin for all users) several times. I rescanned the plugins. I deleted the preferences. I deleted the PlugIn-Blacklist. I cleaned the registry and wiped all temporary files. Nothing helped. :confused:

After debugging the Cubase crash dump it seems that the troublemaker is the following module:

The problem is: If you delete that one from your components folder, no installed Plug-Ins will be found.

As I’m in the midst of mixing an album with a deadline coming soon I’d really appreciate any help.

Mixing ain’t a breeze when you either save every single mix move (including ones you might not be happy with in the long run) in fear of a crash soon to come - or don’t save and then lose important moves by a sudden crash and have to redo everything again…

Best regards

I thought Slate products were not good with Cubase? I read where some people use the plugins, but again, Slate does not sign off for the use of its plugins with Cubase.

Whether your issues happened before or after the use of Slate plugins, if Slate doesn’t sign off on the use of their plugins with Cubase, what are your options?

You say you deleted the Slate plugins? Did you also delete the ILok2 program? I run the original iLok installer and don’t have your problems, FWIW, but know nothing about iLok2.

It looks to me as if you purchased some Slate plugins and want to use them on your project. You should contact Steve at Slate and hear what he has to say.

Hey, thanks for your reply.

I don’t think there’s a problem with Slate Plug-Ins and Cubase in general. I’m using Slate’s VCC, VTM and Trigger for over a year now within the same system configuration and there has never been a problem. Where did you read that Slate does not sign off for the use of its Plug-Ins with Cubase?

I just demoed the VBC so it’s not that I purchased something I cannot use. I will try deleting the iLok2 License Manager and see what happens as the licences itself should still be stored on the iLok2. Some Softube Plug-Ins I own also require the iLok2.

Sounds like a audio interface issue to me. This looks like what happens if communication with the audio device is lost.Did you try a new firewire cable, or power adapter or can you try a different audio interface, if only for debugging. Even onboard audio with asio4all driver would do.
Good luck!

Hey Vincent,

thanx for your reply, much appreciated!

Good point, I’ll check that. The problem with checking each possible part in the setup is that the crash is not reproducable within minutes, sometimes it takes very long until a crash, as I said, the time span seems to be random from like 5 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

BUT at the moment it seems to run flawlessly again. There were some expired demo licenses left on the iLok (never been a problem though). I read in another forum this may cause trouble with the new License Manager, I deleted them and since then I ran Cubase for several hours and there has been no crash. It’s a new song I’m working on, but the Plug-Ins involved are the same as in the last projects for the album.

If it crashs again, I definitely take the time to rule out everything from cable to Asio-conenction.

best regards

I’ve been getting this on and off since 6.0 - occasionally I fix it by messing with different versions of the Visual Basic Runtimes and also Windows Common Controls (I still run XP) so they are in the C:\Windows\WinSxS folder…

Sort by last accessed or date and play about by removing different versions - use something like procexp.exe (process explorer from to see which version is being invoked and from where. or install the latest updates…ymmv…

Installing something probably updated one of these elements, giving you problems - I hit issues with zplanelibs.dll, and to fix I select all audio files and take them out of the zplane timestretch modes - this helps a lot, but may not be relevant to your issue.

I have a problem with 6.5.5 64bit and PhatmaticPro.
Most of the time it will crash when it starts to load PhatmaticPro dll. If i remove it from the track the song loads ok.
Probably the Vst 32 bit link.
Maybe Jbridge would help.

Hey flunki, hey Mike,

thanx a lot for your replies.

I am still dazzled - what I know is: my issue definitely is not related to interface/firewire-connection-problems.

What I also know is: All projects I started new or started working on anew are running fine without any trouble, using the same plug-ins I always use (of course in different combinations), so none of them seems to be the troublemaker. Also I don’t use any VST-Instruments/Synths. It really seems like certain project files got corrupted.

Another idea I had: May it be possible that my 32bit-Cubase (I chose 32bit on my 64bit-Windows to avoid all those bridging issues with certain plugs) simply cannot handle the count of plugs although CPU and ASIO-load are okay? The problematic projects all are quite track-heavy and so a lot of plugins get used many times.

Recently my WaveLab 7 also started to make trouble, crashing while trying to save files and so on, but that’s another (but frustrating) story.

Really thinking about reinstalling Windows and setting up all fresh again…

Flunki, shouldn’t a reinstallation of Cubase also reinstall the preferred version of Visual Basic? Gotta check your tips, many thanks for that - although it does not sound like being fun…

Best regards