Cubase 6.5 - Templates missing / Padshop / Retrolog banks

Hi guys.

Yesterday I updated my Cubase 6 to 6.5, so far so good, I am realy enjoying it.
But I notice something is different or wrong? The templates in the Project Assistant are not there.

Before I was able to choose a Mastering, Scoring or any other of those templates, now I cant, they are not there :cry:

Also, all presets in Padshop and Retrologue not there also … ai ai ai

Anyone can help me on this?



I just loaded my Cubase 6 and was playing around with it, then decided to finish updating to 6.5. The same thing happened to me. Before I updated to 6.5 I had all the Project Assistant templates, now there are none…

How can I get the Project templates back?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Grateful Dad

same here all my padshop presets are missing after updating to 6.5??

Please anyone I haven’t heard back from my support ticket either what could this error be from??? :neutral_face:

I’m having the same issue… When i try to save templates with the same name as the missing ones cubase says it has to over-write my old templates. But i can’t see them in the list.

I’ve got exactly the same issue here!

Anyone ever figure this out? Everything was working fine on 6.5 and for some reason I decided today was a good day to upgrade to 6.5.4! Now I cant find any presets for padshop or retrologue. When I got to the browser to check the filters, the 2 instruments arent even there.

They do show up when I check audio/presets/steinberg/retrologue.
Cant seem to figure out where to put them

I have the exact problem here.
So is there a solution for this?
Thank you!

…just noticed that I have the same problem here with 6.5.4:

My old templates show all up - however creating a new template doesn’t work. The new template does not show up, even after a restart of Cubase. When I try to create the new template again, Cubase reminds me that it has to overwrite an existing (the new one, which is not showing up…) template.

Really strange and annoying - I hope help from Steinberg comes soon, please…!


This problem still exists… No answer from Cubase, no reply on the forum…
Did anybody find a solution to this? I’m tired saving templates as songs, reload and save under a new name.
This really drives me crazy… :wink:

Thanks for any update on this matter,

ok., maybe one step closer to a solution: I noticed that .cpr files are set to open with Cubase 7. I do have a version 7 installed, but don’t like it at all, so I continue working in version 6.5.
When I try to change the “open with” option in the file info and press “change all”, it immediately switches back to Cubase 7. Maybe this is why the templates don’t show up in version 6? They are looked upon being files for Cubase /?

If so, how can I change the settings in the info window? I tried to delete the homedirectory/library/preferences/ file, but it didn’t work.

This is really an ennoying situation - and no news from Steinberg support so far…

Update: I managed to set the default application to Cubase 6… didn’t help. SOS (Same Old Sh…) again.

Slowly but surely this issue drives me mad. My e-mails to Steinberg support remain unanswered, the problem still exists. Sure, I can select my template in the finder and right click “open with Cubase 6”. But then my recording path remains the same and is not in my project folder. Worse: it is impossible to CHANGE the recording path for a project in Cubase 6.

This is simply crap. After many years of working with Cubase, I’m close to leave and work with another DAW now. What’s the problem for Support to give answers? Why don’t they help users? Not being able to work with presets in a DAW makes this software useless to professional users.