Cubase 6.5 Transport Key Command...

Does anyone know what the settings are in Cubase 6.5 to make the RR & FF key commands move the transport to the nearest bar and not just move anywhere?

In Logic, moving the assigned RR and FF key commands moves the transport accurately from Bar to Bar, with very quick stop and move if desired - very controllable. I’m unable to get the same control / feel of the same key commands when attempting the same thing within Cubase.

Any help would be most appreciated!


Nudge Cursor Left/Right should do the trick. It’s the +/- on the Transport.

[Ctrl]/[Command]-Num[-] (Nudge Left)
[Ctrl]/[Command]-Num[+] (Nudge Right)

Thanks for the reply, Scab - I’ll give it a try ASAP. :slight_smile: