Cubase 6.5 Trial INSTALL PROBLEM

Cubase 6.5 Trial.exe not working fails to extract ive downloaded it twice and same problem

some installation files are corrupt…

Extracting files to D:\Users\James\Downloads folder
CRC failed in Cubase 6.5 Trial\Cubase 6 for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound\FCP_SMT_001_HS_Synths_01.vstsound
Unexpected end of archive

same problem with cubase 6.5 updater…


Do you use letter “D” for system disk, not “C” as it is common? I’m not sure, this is good for Cubase.

but the fact is its not installing its just extracting installation files so it should really be fine…

A workaround may be to extract the files yourself by using an unrar or unzip program, and then install the separate components individually.

fixed now dowloaded a fourth time and its all working thanks :slight_smile: