Cubase 6.5 trial Version stopped opening

I recently downloaded Cubase 6.5 trial Version to chaek it out . The first day I was able to use it when I Clicked on my Cubase artist 6 icon I was given the option to either open My Cubase Artist 6 or Continue with the trial Version of Cubase 6.5. On the next day ( yesterday) when I clicked on my Artist 6 icon the option to open either one was no longer there, It only opened up My Cubase Artist 6. I had no option at all to open Cubase 6.5 Trial.
And I don’t know how to open it.
I still have 28days left but don’t know how to open it!
Can anyone Help me out?
Thanks Rev Green

In preferences there should be a tickbox somewhere to say you want to launch in trial mode next time. Don’t know the exact location, but look for it there.