Cubase 6.5 ud from 6 download link?

Hey guys, I´m sorry but I couldn´t find this answer anywhere on the forum nor the web…

I´ve got my update to Cubase 6.5 on the Grace Period, and I´m a retailer so I´ve also purchased some updates for a few customers who didn´t want to buy it themselves.

I´m installing Cubase in a new machine and I don´t have the update file with me, is there anywhere I could get the link for downloading the update to 6.5.0 again?

it´s a silly question but I can´t find the answer anywhere :blush:

Thanks for the help,


The trial version operates as full if you have a 6.5 licence on your dongle.

Tx Grim, Steinberg has added the “6 to 6.5 upgrade” installation file on the download list now… it’s on the very bottom of the Cubase 6.5 downloads page.