cubase 6.5 update (not seing the update)


ok so i have the cubase 6.5 on my e-licenser but when loading cubase it still says that i have 6.05. can someone tell me whats up with that? i didnt receive any email with a link or anything direct to the update. just the one saying i was eligible for an update. went in my elicenser and after a check up it put cubase 6.5 in activated license. but not running cubase 6.5 when using the program.

thanks for the help!


See if this link helps.


i tryed that but even after that no link, in my elicenser it says i have 6.5 but still when loading it still says cubase 6.05.

could someone help. or is theyre a way to contact steinberg from here because seriously this is ridiculous.


You have to download and install 6.5 by following the instructions on the link I posted. Did you try that?

I think this is the page you should be taken to:


Hm, OK, did you download and install the 6.5 file? Your elicenser just shows your license, so you still need to load 6.5. And this assumes you have paid for it, of course. Just remember that 6.5 supercedes 6.0.whatever. There is no trial for 6.5. Hope this helps.

Actually there is a trial for 6.5. Causes a different issue - as it overwrites your paid 6.0.

And it may be possible to download the trial instead of the “offical” download, and that may solve the op’s problem. Not sure if it comes with everything though. I think there was another thread on that.


Trial can be obtained here. Says its the same functionality. So I would think this should solve the OP’s problem.

Wow, Ron, if that’s the case this is an odd move by Steinberg, IMHO. And you may be right, I dunno. For me, my move was to pay the $50 and jump to 6.5 so I never noticed anything weird there. In fact, I was surprised to see that 6.0.5 was gone from my elicenser. I honestly thought it would stay in play just like C5 did.

(Frankly, this business of two ‘6’ versions is rather confusing to me. You?)

Back to the post, I guess what I don’t understand is: Did the OP pay for his 6.5 or just download it for trial? I was thinking he paid the $50 because I didn’t think there was a trial version. If he hasn’t, (he didn’t say) and now he is jammed up with reinstalling 6.0.6, well, I don’t know what to say.

In the past the X.5 upgrades have always been free. This is just Steinberg marketting IMO. Also in the past X.5 upgrades always loaded over the X.0 upgrades. Chris B. posted that the trial would be installed in a separate folder, however when a user tried it, that was not the case. I have not personally tried it.

As far as the OP, I was assuming that he bought 6.5 (or 6.0 during the grace period). What they do is ship 6.0, but give you a key for 6.5. You then follow the instructions posted above, and it is supposed to provide a link to the 6.5 download. The OP obviously has not installed 6.5, but has the license for it. Based on what I have read, I believe he could download the trial, and he would be good to go, as his license (I assume it is a permanent one), would activate it. Of course the proper way would be to use the official link providied by steinberg, but several people have had issues. Not clear to me if they’ve been user error or steinberg error.


Roger this, Ron, and this post, too, which I missed:

As is rarely the case, it seems I dodged an install snafu bullet by jumping to 6.5. :sunglasses: And again, it is weird running 6.5 and seeing simultainious updates for it and 6.0.

BTW, Chris is talking up 6.5.3, and Wednesday is 6.5.2. I wonder, if 5.5.3 was the end of C5, will 6.5.3 be the end of C6? Ah, the mystery. …But are you saying you can confirm a pattern? To me, this dual upgrade thing is uncharted Steinberg territory.

hi guys

thanks alot for all the replys. in fact i did get the cubase 6 (paid full license) after january so was eligible for a free upgrade. like i said in my first post my elicenser automaticly updated to 6.5 (full license) after a check up. but now i’ve tryed Ron’s 2ND link(the fisrt one didnt brought me to the update) and iam currently downloading the full 6.5 after i got my license check from your link just waiting to install. hopefully evrything should run smooth. i was looking for this one and i find it a litle unprofessionnal for customers to have to go through all this hassle to get was is due to them.

anyways still luv cubase. its a beast. hopefully 6.5 is worth all this.